Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Over the Fence Knitting in The Tall Grass

Ross and I each have an  iMac desk top Apple Computer .
We each face a wall of the room in our den.  Our backs are towards each other.
Here is what it looks like. (Rico is filling in for me while I take the picture)

Here is where Rico usually is, when he is not filling in for me.

In order to have a face to face conversation,  we would each have to spin around in our office desk chairs.   Most of the time we don't bother spinning around.  We just kind of talk to each other, facing our computers, with mice in hand,  as we continue to tap, tap on our  keyboards.

We have a large window in the den with a view of a retention pond.
The pond is actually quite pretty. There are pine trees, wild flowers and tall grasses.
The "pond" fills up with water after a rain fall.   Then the geese come for a swim.
The deer come out after dusk, cross the pond, jump the fence and eat my flowers.

Here is a view of the pond from our den window.  Today it is raining very hard.

 I can't see the pond  right now because I am facing a wall as I write this blog.
"Did you hear, me Ross?"  "I said..."
Oh well, I guess he is busy typing or mousing or something.

Yesterday, it was a beautiful day.  I decided to take some up close and personal pictures of the "pond".

These were taken from the street side of the fence.
Maybe some day I will take my knitting, climb over the fence, and settle in among the tall grass.
I think that the geese and deer might notice that I am there.
 But I wonder if Ross will notice that I am not...there that is.


  1. Wow, what an amazing view! i love your pond =)

  2. Do you feel like - Hello can you hear me now? It's amazing how we sometimes have to sit face to face to hear one an other. Keep the blogs going; they are wonderful and you are very good with words and expressions!

  3. Wouldn't it be wonderful to sit, hidden in the tall grass, an observing a different kind of life? Your property is gorgeous. You are so lucky. :)