Saturday, June 8, 2013

Today I Will Be Waiting Outside

Friday, June 7, 2013
Heavy Rainy Day
Tropical Storm Andrea, the first of the season.

 To celebrate I stayed in my PJ’s all day.

 Andrea was a calm steady lady.  She quietly weeped incessantly, without a hint of bluster.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Tropical Storm Andrea left town.
Blue Skies Today.

Today my brother and three sisters are gathering to visit our other brother.  They haven’t seen Adam  in about four years.

I suppose you could say this must be a special occasion.  Two of my sisters are traveling, one from the north and one from the south.

I remember another time when I had not seen Adam in a very long time.  My mother would visit him as often as she could.  She never learned to drive so usually my other brother or younger sister would take her.  She would hint to me that she would like to see him, but she would never come out and ask me.
One time I said I would take her.  I told her that she could visit as long as she wanted to.  I would wait in the car until she was ready to go.
His residence was nestled in a rural farm like setting.   I thought he should be happy living there.
After I parked the car, my Mom glanced over at me.  I said, “Take your time.”  I watched as she walked up to the front door.  She turned around and looked at me once again.  I waved.  She pressed the bell.

I’m not sure what made me change my mind.  Perhaps it was the beauty and tranquility of the surroundings which brought peace and resolution to my conflicted thoughts and feelings.
I called out to my Mom to wait for me.  He met us in the dining hall.  He was surprised to see me.  It was an emotional reunion for both of us.

The last time I saw Adam was at my mother’s funeral.  We did not speak.  We did not sit near each other in the church.

During the procession out of the church, as we followed behind the casket, I could hear my brother crying.  I turned around and went up to him and we hung onto each other.  He told me he was sorry.
I wondered what he meant.  Was he sorry that we lost our mom?  Was he sorry that we lost each other? But I really knew that he meant that he was just sorry.  And at that moment so was I.

Today my brother and sisters are gathering to visit Adam.  I told them to take their time and that I would be waiting outside.


  1. This post is sad. It makes me curious.

  2. Well yes, it is very sad. My relationship with my brother is quite complicated.

    1. I remember a post from sometime back that revealed some of that sadness. I know I feel so fortunate to have seven brothers and one sister, all of whom would drop anything if I needed them. As I would do the same for them.