Saturday, June 29, 2013

CBS Figures I'm Too Old To Watch Big Brother

Friday, June 28, 2013 9:19 AM
It's going to be another Hot One

On A Lighter Note

I don't watch many reality TV shows, but  I do like Survivor and The Amazing Race.
My guilty pleasure, though, is Big Brother.  I believe BB is one of the few real reality shows.  It is a summer show to watch when nothing but re-runs are being broadcast on the rest of the networks.
The premise of the show is to lock a group of people, this season the number of contestants is 16, into a "house" for 90 days. The "house guests" do not know each other before they enter the "Big Brother House." During these 90 days, these 16 people have no contact with the outside world at all.
There is no TV, Internet or phone.  There are no books, magazines or newspapers.  They only have each other to interact with.

However, the outside world can watch them 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
It is a game in which the winner walks away with $500,000.  The winner is the person who is the last one to walk out the door of the BB House at the end of the 90 days.  Each week one person is voted out and has to leave the BB House.  Of course, that's where the drama comes into play.
How far would a person go for money?
I like the premise.  I find it interesting and fascinating and wonder what it would be like.  Frankly, I cannot imagine myself in such a situation.  I get antsy being in an elevator with 3 other strangers for as long as it takes to go from one floor to the next.
Contestants in Season One 
This is the 15th season of Big Brother.  I have watched every one.

During the past seasons, there was a nice cross representation of our society.  Some of the people playing the game were average, everyday, looking folks.  Of course some were gorgeous with great bodies, but not all were.  There were gay people and straight people.  There might be a sixty year old man competing against a twenty-one year woman.  People of different races, ethnicities, religions and even marital status were equally represented.
But with each new season, I began to notice the mix of the population of the house was starting to change.
There were fewer average looking people.  The age range became narrower, leaning towards the younger end.
This season, the demographic population that the show is trying to appeal to is obvious.
All of the women are under 35 and all but two are single.  All of the men are in much the same age group as the women and all of the men are single.
Season 15 BB Brother Contestants
All of the women are attractive and look great in their skimpy bikinis.
That is why this season has lost its appeal for me.  Instead of the original premise, which I looked at as sociological study of how strangers would interact with one another in a closed competitive environment, has it now become a study in how shallow the young and beautiful can be?  Wait, let me say that a different way.  There is no doubt that the participants in this season are good looking, but this particular group of young people seem to be extremely shallow and to tell you the truth, I am finding it hard to tell them apart.

So, CBS I imagine you needed a ratings boost and based on your research you feel that I wouldn't be watching your show anyway, and I guess this time you are right.

I guess I'll have to catch up with "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" instead :)


  1. Well, I watched a couple of seasons of Survivor about 15 years ago but, hmmmmm, got bored with it? That's the thing with me and reality tv. Mostly boring -
    And you just reinforced my point from the last blog comment - heavy to light, light to heavy. My style.

    1. Yes, today I needed a little lightness. That’s one of the reasons I watch mindless TV. It can be a great distraction.

  2. I wonder who they think their demographic is, then? CBS has always skewed the oldest. And I don't watch Big Brother. Never did. (Don't like reality shows generally.) But my father loves it.

    1. Some of these reality shows are pretty ridiculous. But sometimes being ridiculous can be fun.

  3. Mom, you could always jump in on The Bachelorette with me :-)

    1. I usually only watch the last show. Well actually, I read the spoilers from Realty Steve. So I knew who she picked as soon as the first show aired. Should I tell you? :)

  4. I've never watched "Big Brother" or most other reality-ish shows, though I do have an inexplicable attachment to MTV's The Real World/Road Rules challenges--speaking of not fitting into the "ideal" demographic. :)

  5. I guess I missed the whole MTV thing. We didn't have cable in my other life. And it looks like these folks on Big Brother are making headlines by revealing that racism, bigotry, homophobia, and misogyny are still alive, even in the younger generation.