Saturday, June 22, 2013

And This Is The Way Life Should Always Be

Friday, June 21, 2013
A proper start to The First Day of Summer

Sleep-Over at Grandmas

Ryan was up at 6:30. He told me that Bella said it was okay if he came out into the living room.
I think she really meant,
"Ryan leave me alone!"
I am usually up by 6:00.  I must have been tired.
It took us a long time to get out of the house this morning.  I suppose that was due to the fact that Ross and I are not as young as two people have to and should be in order to get a nine year old and a five year old ready to go for breakfast and then to the beach.
There was the prodding to move them along to get them dressed, hair braided, and greased up. Then it was the gathering up of beach toys, extra towels, chairs, hats and sun tan lotion.  In addition there were  arguments to be settled, such as who got to do what first, who would sit in what chair, and in general just making sure that there was equal treatment all around.
Whew, and that was all before breakfast.

A tidal pool and sand bar, perfect!

Ross said the water was freezing, 

 the kids said, "No, it's not."  

 I wouldn't know, that's as close as I got to the water. 

Oh, to have that energy!

And this is the way life should always be, above it all!


  1. Agreed! That's how life should be 100% if the time (except that the water should be warm for all going into it).

  2. Yep, kids can be exhausting. At least, that's what I've heard.