Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Final Installments - Coats, Anna's Diary and 2012

In this post I will be finishing up some old business  with the final installment of the story of the (now) four coats, the last entries from Anna’s diary, some “for the record" entries of my own along with a few pics of our beloved LBI.

After I brought the “Mackage Down Coat with Genuine Fox and Rabbit Fur (in  black) home, I would occasionally take it out of it’s luxurious Nordstrom’s garment bag and try it on.   Each time I would do so, I would stand in front of the mirror and ask the age old question that women all over the world  ask their significant other, “Do you think this makes me look too fat-short-old?
Ross:  “Well remember it is a puffy coat, after all.  
Hmm, as you can see, he, like men all over the world, has had a lot of experience dodging that question.
For a variety of reasons, which will sound long winded and uninteresting, I am choosing not to go into detail, but will cut to the chase and say I returned the Mackage, in black. 
I had yet another salesperson wait on me this time.  She was young and tall.  She told me that the "sandy desert"  Macakage I found on the sale rack for 33% off, was the perfect color for me. 
Mackage "Avika" Genuine Fox and Rabbit Fur Trim Down Coat
Ellen Tracy Faux Fur 
 The best thing about this story is that with the money I saved by my two returns,  I was able to get two coats.
The funny thing about this story are the various sales pitches each of the sales women handed me in order to make a sale.

Lady No. 1 pitching coat No. 1:  "This coat is perfect for you."
Lady No. 2's "honest" opinions about coats No. 1 and No. 3, and No. 2. 
"That coat is not you.  I would have never sold you that coat."
"Honestly, no, no, you cannot wear that color."  
"Listen to me.  This black coat is beautiful on you"
Lady No. 3. on Coats No. 3 and 4:  This coat is stunning on you and it is just the right color for you.   "You absolutely  need a chocolate brown coat.  
Eilen Tracy Fox Fur Trim And Down Coat
 I love both of my new coats.  Really I do.  But as I was looking around on Nordstrom's website I found this one, Ross...

We spent the last days of 2012 with a visit to a post Sandy LBI beach,  an over night visit with two of the cutest kids in the world, and an early but disappointing Kubels's dinner on the eve 2013.


My hope is that we are all headed in the right direction...I know one thing for sure... I will at least be warm.

Here are the final entries from Anna's 1929 diary:
Friday, December 27, 1929
Home after supper went to bring gift to Madeline, my little god child.  They were just going out so did not stay very long.  Then went to see Aunt and Uncle.
Sat. December 28, 1929
Home all day.  Cleaned and worked.  Ted had a few friends in and I prepared for her as she was not feeling well.  Carmela B. was here for slim.  Peg came to help.  Stayed.
Sun. December 29, 1929
Peg here over night.  Up late.  Had light lunch.  Peg went to 360 with Slim.  Jean and I went to visit cousin Louise.  Lena loos a little better.  Ted and I went to Brandford's.
Mon.  December 30, 1929
Went down town.  Stores deserted after the Xmas rush.  Bough material to sew curtains.  Jean went to see Mrs. Poole after supper.  I stayed home to sew on curtains.
The End of 1929.

Anna continued to write in this five year diary part way into the year 1930. 
Here are her last two entries:
Thurs. March 27, 1930
Still in bed and never felt so rotten.  No one came all day.  Poor Junior neglected.  Feel so weak and pains all over my body.  Rosalie came at 6:30.  Spent a delirious night. 
Friday, March 28, 1930
Still in bed.  Dr. Murray called.  All organs from neck up infection.  Left prescriptions.  Temperature.  Must stay in bed longer.  Letter from Slim for little donations to banquet he wants to attend.  Mrs. Miller came up for little visit. 


  1. Fantastic photos!
    and, lucky you, two coats to stay warm! and, from my perspective, that would mean I wouldn't have to deal with coat shopping for a long time!
    I'm worried about Anna..... I wonder if she recovered? I forget, did you ever have a last name for her?
    Happy New Year! I'm so glad to have been friends this year thorough this crazy set of hidden tubes called the internet! Let's see what 2013 holds for us!

  2. Thanks, JT for being here all throughout, but especially on each 5th.
    Anna's maiden and married name are recorded on the inside cover of the diary. I plan on writing a little followup based on some research I did.