Sunday, January 6, 2013

January 2013 Photos from Ocean City and Strathmere NJ Beachs

We took advantage of the brilliantly sunny and warm day with a visit to the beaches in Ocean City and Strathmere. 
Both of these beaches are located in Cape May County. 

It was a beautiful day on the Jersey coast today, don’t you agree?

Gazebo on 58th Street located on the south end of Ocean City Island

Swing Set at 58th St.

Tribute to The Shell King on Strathmere Beach

Bella’s Treasures

I swear I heard the angels singing.
He said, “Beautiful day, huh?”
I said, “Yes, yes it is.”

Colorful Winter on The Beach
I told him to say cheese and he did.

Sterling Silver

Nearly Sunset Early Dinner
Lobster House Cape May


  1. AWESOME photos! I love the dunes that you have there - and your coat!
    So what was the temperature when you were walking on the beach? I suspect the beach here in NorCal might have produced similar photos today - white/ gray clouds and a handful of people and pups walking along the shore. the temperature on the shore at 2:00 this afternoon was probably low 50's -- yours might be comparable? Imagine that - similar days on the left and the right coasts. The latitude here is 38 degrees N - how about there?

  2. Thanks.
    The temp here was in the 50’s today. Okay, I had to google this and found out that the latitude of the location of the photos is 39 degrees N. So I guess our coasts are climate(ly) compatible. Yea, I really didn’t need that down and fur coat today.

    1. Didn't NEED maybe but it was cool to be stylin', right?

  3. Maybe it is a comment on my state of mind or on the depth of your ever-growing skill as a photographer, but these made me a bit misty-eyed sitting here at my computer desk in my little landlocked backwoods town. Thanks for sharing.