Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Story of The Three (now Four) Coats Part Two

*The Story of the Three  Four Coats - Part Two

That day, the day I returned my Blue Duck Genuine Shearling and Fox Fur coat to Nordstroms, I still wasn't one hundred percent convinced that I should return the coat.   My plan was to look through the coat department one more time to see if I could possibly find another coat that made me smile as much as the Blue Duck did.  In fact,  we didn't even bring the coat into the store with us, but left it in the car.
As Ross and I were looking through the racks, I happened upon this beauty, a long Mackage  Down Coat with Genuine Fox and Rabbit Fur in black.   I tried it on and it   made   me   smile.  I know I'm so fickle.
The salesperson on the floor that day was an attractive middle aged woman who spoke with a Russian accent.   She  told me that this Mackage was meant for me.   She said, "Dahling, this coat is you."
"Funny," I thought to myself,  "that salesperson from the other day told me the same thing about the Blue Duck."
Anyway, perhaps it was the Russian accent, or maybe it was the way Ross nodded admiringly at me, but, once again I believed that this coat, this Mackage Down Coat with the Genuine Fox and Rabbit fur in Black, this coat was really the one.
As I twirled in front of the mirror,  I bashfully confessed to Natasha I actually had a coat out in the car that I needed to return.
"No problem," she said.
Ross brought the Blue Duck in, still tucked in it's luxurious Nordstrom's garment bag.  When Natasha unzipped the bag and saw the Buck Duck, she said, "Dahling, a shearling?"
"Ugh, my deah, trust me, you do not want a shearling."
"You wear it once in the rain, and it spots."
"Believe me, I know.  I had one.  Spots, spots, all over spots.  And you can never, never get them out!"
"No, my deah, you do not want a shearling."
Natasha told me that she would have never sold me that shearling, never!
"It's just not you, honey."
I noticed that the Mackage also came in a tanish color called "desert".  I thought I would like to try it on.  Natasha insisted though, that: "Dahling, with your coloring?
"No, absolutely not.  It would wash you out."
I shuddered.  She was right.  I definitely wouldn't want that washed out look.
Oh yes, as an aside here, something happened, that I thought was a little strange.  When it came time to ring up the sale, Natasha asked me if I would do her a favor.   She told me that her hand was injured and it was very difficult for her to work the cash register/computer.  She asked me if I would.  So I stepped behind the counter and processed the sale myself.  Crazy, huh?
So, anyway,  the Blue Duck went back on the rack, the black Mackage was zipped into the luxurious Nordstrom's garment bag and came home with me.
And so for the next week, it stayed in it's luxurious Nordstrom's garment bag, with the tags intact, while I tried to decide if the coat was really me, "dahling".
To Be Continued...

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I have created a page for Anna's Diary.  It can be found under the Tab titled Anna's Diary.
I have posted all of the entries to date there, starting with January 1, 1929.
Here are the past few entries from Anna's diary:
Sun.  December 22, 1929
Went to Grandma M's for dinner.  In afternoon drove grandpa to Montclair to visit Mr. Lucas. Drove him home and came then to our own house.  Bed.
Mon. December 23, 1929
Went down town to do last minute shopping.  Supper at 360.  Isabella Long and Ted came home to stay with Junior.  Jean and I went out to buy our tree.  Junior so happy. 
Tues.  December 24, 1929
Christmas Eve.  Home until 6:30.  Then went to 360 for little while.  Home early.  Junior to bed.  Waiting for Santa to come.  Edythe, Peg, Rob and Ted helped trim tree and get out toys.
Wed. December 25, 1929
Christmas Day.  Dinner at 360.  Turkey.  Then exchanged our little gifts.  Went to Mrs. Naps in the evening.  Grandpa M. there.  Had been all afternoon. 
Thurs. December 26, 1929
No entry

Here are a few entries from Lynda Grace's diary, if Lynda Grace had a diary, that is:
Saturday, December 22, 2012
Made gravy with meatballs and also a marinara for Anne.  Made lasagna.  I haven't been able to do that  for a while because it was Joe's favorite.  But Bella and Ryan were wishing for it, and, well how could I not? Dinner was set for 2:00.
Anne came early and went for a 7 mile run on the Barnegat Trail.  
Jen, Derek, Bella and Ryan came at 2:00.  We sat down at the table all together.  
After dinner, it was time to open presents.  The kids were very excited. 
Sunday, December 23, 2012.  
Ross and I vegged in front of the TV.  I knitted, he read and we watched a marathon of MI5 episodes.
Monday, December 24, 2012.
Christmas Eve.  A sad, sad day for me.  I cried for most of it.  Received phone calls from Jen and Jimmy. That always makes me feel better. 
Tuesday, December 25, 2012.
Christmas dinner at Jen and Derek's.  Ross, and I,  Ken, Jimmy, Anne and Domani, all there. 
They did a nice job.  Ham, sweet potatoes, potato salad and best of all Jen's cookies.
More presents.  
Stopped in at Elaine and Al's afterward, had dinner with them.  While there, Kenny and Ty rang me up on Facetime.  They showed me all the toys Santa brought them. 


  1. Natasha is right - the black is stunning and not so much the sandstoney color..... but I have a feeling that the garment bag makes a return trip to Nordie's......
    You are a great storyteller, Lynda!

  2. And I like Lynda's diary! What is a marathon of M15?
    I am working on a post that addresses this diary idea..... :)