Monday, April 30, 2012

Z: Zipping It Up Between Me and Me

This month I am participating in the April 2012 Blogging From A-Z Challenge. I will be blogging every day this month with Sundays off (except for April 1) using a letter of the alphabet in order from A through Z. So, Basically, beginning with April 1, my topic will be themed on something with the letterA, then on April second another topic with the letter B as the theme, and so on until I finish on April thirtieth with the theme based on the letter Z.

Finally, the Letter Z

Zip it up.

My blog, this blog, “Lynda Grace An Hour Away” is my main, public, (and publicized) the more who read, the merrier blog.
On January 1, 2012, I started another blog which was a personal journal.  You know, pretty boring stuff like what the weather was like, who I talked to, where we went, things like that.
Lately my days seem to seamlessly blend, one into the other and I easily forget what I did, when I did it and sometimes even why I did it.  So, why not record it in a blog, right? It basically became a memory record for me.
I kept the settings open to the public on this blog also, mainly because I didn’t think anyone would find it and if they did, I didn’t think anyone would be interested in what we had for dinner on Monday, March 12.
I know, I know, I do post entries from Anna’s diary, but I feel Anna’s diary is more of a sociology lesson and readers might be interested in how a young widow spent her days back in 1929.
Perhaps, in 2095, someone might find what we had for dinner on Monday, March 12, 2012 interesting, but I think not today.
Okay, I admit, since I felt that privacy (because like I said, who would be interested) was not an issue, I did use the names of family members.  And I may have recorded an incident here or there that if I knew anyone was reading this journal, I might not have otherwise done so.
What happened today, couldn’t have come at a better time.  You know with today being the last day of the challenge and therefore the letter is Z.
Today, someone did find my journal.   One of the family members, whom I happened to mention a few times in my journal, was contacted by this someone.   Then this family member contacted me and asked me if I mentioned a certain incident in my blog.   I said, “No, why would I do that?”
I honestly never even thought about my journal blog.  As this family member and I scratched our heads and wondered how this someone would know about this incident, I suddenly remembered my journal blog.
Actually, whatever I did write about was quite innocuous, but I did write it without censorship, because, I will repeat for the third time, I never thought anyone would find it or read it.
Lesson learned the hard way.  Public, means just that.  Yeah, I knew that, but (here’s number four mention) who would ever find it or care to read it?
My journal blog is still active, but it is zipped up so tight, that even I have to enter a password to read it.

P.S. My apologies to this family member.

This is the end of the A-Z challenge.  It was a lot of fun and I happened across a ton of new and interesting blogs.

I have created a page for Anna's Diary.  It can be found under the Tab titled Anna's Diary.
I have posted all of the entries to date there, starting with January 1, 1929.

Here is today’s entry from Anna’s diary:
Tuesday, April 30, 1929
E. came to see me and confided her state of affairs.  Very little advice could be give on this trouble but hope it all works our for the best.

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  1. I have many handwritten journals going back to at least high school, maybe even earlier and your post makes me think of them. I often wonder about what will come of those many journals after I'm gone. I personally like to go back and read them and reflect on where I've been and who I've become, but I can't imagine anyone else ever reading them. (Partly because of what you express - WHO would possible CARE - but also because I am brutally honest about everything in them and I wouldn't want their bluntness to hurt anyone's feelings.) I wonder if I need to make an arrangement for someone I trust to dispose of them once I go... or maybe I won't really care who knows my personal thoughts, actions and feelings at that point. You have gotten me thinking though about the line between what I post publicly and what I write privately since I too now have a public blog to go with my very private journals. I think, however, there is even another dimension to it though - those things which I think, but would never dare to write down. Perhaps those uncensored tidbits are the juiciest morsels and there is probably good reason they remain in my head!

  2. That’s funny, your comment made me think of how outspoken my mother became when she got to be in her eighties.  Perhaps that’s when those juicy tidbits will come spilling out :).

  3. Like Anne, I have journals dating way back but, unlike Anne, I never read them.  I have a box of letters exchanged between my then boyfriend and me (between 1971 and 1973) and the only time in recent history that I looked at them I was embarrassed.  I might just do some purging this summer.

  4. My blog was found a while back and it made me take a change of course to a certain degree but I kept it open and I still write from the heart, I just leave names out of it (Just my husband and two kids names are used)!  I figured out a way to get around it.  It has happened to many bloggers and you will find your way,  Hang in there :)

  5. It's a wonder to me how the internet works. If you want your stuff to be "discovered," it's an uphill climb, but if you are indifferent, or better yet, hoping it's not found, then you can be absolutely certain that the "wrong" person will stumble across it. I still rely on my spiral notebooks for the journal aspect, and there's always a little nagging thought about who might read them, etc. but the therapeutic value far outweighs those concerns.