Monday, August 22, 2011

Some Pages Are Quite Serious

Today is the 16th Monday of An Accidental Knitter's ABC Meme
My letter P is about Pages

Now that my blog is six months old, I thought it was time to examine a few other options that are available with Blogger.

One of the main reasons that I chose to write a blog was to express my feelings about subjects that might sometimes be uncomfortable for me and for readers of my blog.

Something that I noticed on other people's blogs were different tabbed sections which appeared across the top of the blog, such as an "About Me" tab.

I wondered if I could create a section like that and use it for my more serious thoughts and feelings.

I did a little research and found that these tabs are actually called "pages".   I know that to the experienced bloggers this is "Elementary, my Dear Watson".   (By the way I just found out that Sherlock Homes never actually "said" that exact phrase).

Anyway I digress.

So I successfully created an "About Me"page  and a page which I am calling "My Stream of Consciousness".  The "Stream" page will contain those serious thoughts I mentioned.

I also discovered that these pages will appear on every post.   I am assuming that I can add to my "Stream" page each day if I want to, right?

Anyway "TaDa!"   My new pages.


  1. Your stream will sit there, lovingly, every day and people can either choose to click the page or not. You can add to it daily, or not. A page is just a stagnant area that will always be linked just under your header when your reading a post.

    Congratulations on finding out where they are, how to create them and chugging along with your plans. Very nice.

  2. I made a page for a list of everything I've made - keep forgetting to update it though!

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  4. I think your added pages are great!  I didn't know your son was having health issues.  If it helps, my cousin is super knowledgeable about diet related health issues (she has a couple of books out too) so if you'd like to check it as a resource, here is her blog:  I hope you can find something in it to help you.

  5. Do you know, I've been wondering what 'pages' were.  I see I have an option to edit them, but couldn't quite figure out what they were.  I shall be interested to see yours develop.