Monday, August 15, 2011

Obliviously Not Observant? Or Is It Simply Williams Syndrome?

This is week 15 of the ABC with the Accidental Knitter Meme

The letter is O

My post was going to be about the reason that I have no sense of direction.

 I was going to blame it on the fact that I am oblivious and not observant about my surroundings.   Obviously the O words.

I always thought that not paying attention and not noticing details are what is to blame for the fact that I usually can't find my way to my destination.  Finding my way back home is sometimes even harder.

By the way, the following incident that I will describe is highly embarrassing but sadly true and typical of me.   But I have to relay it  in order to prove a point.

A few weeks ago, Ross and I went shopping.   We were going to be going away for a few days and I needed a few new things. :)

I am very lucky because Ross loves to shop...with me.

The dressing room in Macy's has two entrances/exits.  My worst nightmare.

Ross was sitting on the "husband" chair, waiting for me to come out and model.

 But each and every time I would come out of the stall, I would not know which way to turn  in order to  come out to where Ross was sitting.  

I would make the same mistake each and every time.

I finally figured out what to do after about the thirteenth time.

I found a picture on the wall and used it as my "landmark".  Each time, though, I had to  say to myself,   "okay now, turn right at the Roses Painting."

I have always been this way.  Thank goodness for the "Lady" on my GPS.    Before her and Google directions,  I never knew which way to turn.

So I just accepted the fact that getting lost was my fault because I simply did not pay attention.

I decided to do a little research on the subject before I wrote this post.   As it turns out,  I may just have a genetic disorder called Williams syndrome.

"Williams syndrome, a rare condition which occurs in one in 7,500 people, is caused when a small amount of genetic material is missing from one human chromosome. Individuals with Williams syndrome have strong language skills and are extremely social, but they have trouble with tasks like doing puzzles or copying patterns or navigating their bodies through the physical world."

Hooray!  I guess...  I suppose in someway it does make me feel a little bit better to know that I am not alone.     

So when Ross teases me when we are out for a walk in our community by saying "If I spin you around three times, would you be able to find your way home?"  I can admonish him for not being politically correct.   After all it is quite offensive to make fun of  we Williams people.

Here is the article that I found to support this theory.

always lost


  1. Aha, another sufferer.  My partner despairs of me (he is a lorry driver and can find his way anywhere, which just makes it worse for me).  I can get lost just a few miles away from home.  Three times I have ended up in the wrong town when trying to get to the supermarket./ Last week I went for a walk and had to climb to the top of a very big hill to try to see if I could spot the way home.   I just think we have different abilities and a different way of understanding "location".

  2. My husband wonders how I can travel across country, barely looking at a map but you put me in town and I wouldn't be able to find my own backside with both hands!  I can now tell him to stop making fun of me because I am afflicted with Williams Syndrome... I wonder if I say it fast enough if I can make it sound like "William Sonoma" and get some great crockery out of it too!!

  3. Friday night we were out of town and decided to go to a restaurant not far from our hotel that we had seen when we drove in. After 15 minutes of going in circles and winding up back at the hotel I sent my DH into the hotel office to get directions! We had kept missing 1 turn that we made when we drove in. I really have to think about where I'm going locally and plan my route. If I've never been somewhere I have to print a google map (no gps) with dirctions to and from.