Sunday, August 14, 2011

And Still Waiting for the "Great Timer App" Alarm To Go Off

My original plan for this rainy Sunday was a movie. Specifically "The Help".   Ross said he wouldn't mind seeing it.

But this rainy Sunday turned out to be a torrentially rainy Sunday.   And even though it would be a good day to spend inside of a theater,  I would just as soon not have to go out in a down pour just to get back inside.

So my next suggestion to Ross was: "Hey I have a great idea, let's clean out your closet..."

That was at 9:00 this morning as he was sitting in front of his computer.   He has been talking about cleaning out this closet for, I don't know years, no really years.

Since I was willing to help, he kinda agreed to do it.

First I have to tell you that Ross is the world's greatest waster of time.   No, really check out the Guinness Book.  Okay, maybe he isn't mentioned in there, but he should be.

Here's how it went.

Ross:  "Okay, let me finish my coffee and have breakfast, then give me a half hour to clean up some paper work on my desk.
       (side note: he is constantly saying that he is cleaning up paper work)

 After another 20 minutes, he finally got up to have breakfast.

At 10:15 he heads back into the den.

I am reading my e-mail, looking at blogs while he (or so I thought) was "cleaning up some paperwork".

After 10 minutes I turned around to ask how he was doing and I see him browsing through Mac Apps.

I asked what he was doing and he said he was looking for a timer app that he could use to count down the 30 minutes that he was allowing himself to "clean up some paperwork".

"Why don't you just use your alarm?" I ask.

"I can't find it," he says.

That's probably because it's buried beneath all of that "paperwork", I thought.

It's now 11:30,  and since I hear some rustling of papers.  I assume he found a "great" timer app.

I can't wait to hear that neat alarm tone going off which  I am quite sure took him more than 30 minutes to select.

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