Saturday, April 13, 2019

A to Z April 2019 Blogger Challenge The Letter L Under The Old Oak Tree

It's April - That means I will be participating in the A to Z Blog Challenge.

I will be posting six days a week for the month of April - (with a rest day on Sunday).
Each post will begin with the corresponding letter of the alphabet beginning with A and finishing with the letter Z.

I began participating in this challenge in 2012.   With the exception of last year, I believe I completed the challenge each year.   Last year I lost steam somewhere around the letter W.


From the time I learned how, I've been an avid reader.  In fourth grade I won the prize for reading the most books that year. 

In my youth, during summer break, you could find me under an old oak, book in hand sucking on a peach pit.

We had a small branch of the town library in our neighborhood.  I visited it two or three times a week.   Sometimes, I would walk the two miles to the big library.
A favorite pastime in my adult years was browsing Barnes and Noble.  

The library where I live now is quite small.   
The Barnes and Noble seems to carry more gifts, toys and games than they do books.  

Obviously, E-readers have affected how we read and where we obtain our reading materials.

I'm not sure why, but I don't seem to have the same ability to sit quietly for a while and just read.  

Because I can knit at the same time,  my preference is to listen to an downloadable audio book.   

Until recently, I would purchase an audio book from which is an Amazon company.  But, I have found them to be way too expensive now.  I would say the cost of an audible book is currently about $20.00.
Frankly, I feel it is a waste of money.  The only person  I can pass some of my audible books to is Ross.  He and I don't have the same taste in books.   My daughter is a reader but, like Ross, she and I also have different tastes.  So,  I have an extensive library of audible books that I can't hold, touch or lend to a friend. 
About a month ago I heard about a phone app called "Libby".   It is a portal into local libraries which let you borrow e-reader and audible books.  You need a library card from your local library. 
Sometimes you might have to wait for weeks to borrow the latest best sellers.  
But that's okay with me.  Free books.  Just like the good old sittin' under the old oak tree readin' and sucking on a peach pit times. 

I'm currently listening to "The Death of Mrs. Westaway" by Ruth Ware.  I used the "Libby" app to download it.  I was able to borrow it immediately. I am enjoying listening to it.  


  1. I use the Overdrive app to borrow audio books from our library. I love it. I was also very happy to discover that our library covers many towns worth of libraries in Montana so I can request books from far and wide to read in bed at night. I've always been a reader too.

    1. I think Libby is an offshoot of Overdrive. My library card covers the whole county. So there are many towns that are available to me.
      Miss you, lady :)