Saturday, April 6, 2019

A to Z 2019 April Blogger Challenge - The Letter F Figure It Out

It's April - That means I will be participating in the A to Z Blog Challenge.

I will be posting six days a week for the month of April - (with a rest day on Sunday).
Each post will begin with the corresponding letter of the alphabet beginning with A and finishing with the letter Z.

I began participating in this challenge in 2012.   With the exception of last year, I believe I completed the challenge each year.   Last year I lost steam somewhere around the letter W.


You would think that if you wanted to learn how to knit or crochet, it would be a simple matter of getting your hands on a pair of needles or hook and a ball of yarn.  Actually, that is probably the best first step.  
The next thing to do is find someone to teach you the method. If you don't have a friend to teach you, there are hundreds of instructional YouTube videos for beginners.  

I haven't tried this one, but I thought it had the best title. 

I have taught many of all ages to knit and crochet.  From my youngest grandson who was 8 at the time to my mother who was in her seventies. 

In my experience once the lesson is completed, the person either becomes obsessive about the craft or never picks up their needles or hook again.  

For those of us who become immersed in the knitting or crochet world, we quickly discover that there are countless acronyms to be learned.  

Usually, these acronyms are used when communicating with other crafters. Therefore it is not necessary to explain what the combination of letters mean.  I would categorize these as "insider lingo".

I am going to assume that there may be a few people who read this post may not know the lingo.

The acronym I have chosen to explain is FO.  Mainly because it fits in with the letter of the day which, of course is F.

FO stands for "Finished Object".  In case that was not immediately obvious, it means that the scarf, cowl, hat or sweater the knitter or crocheter has been working on is now complete and ready to be shown and worn. 

Here are some of my recent FO's

A Color Work Cowl

Crochet Cowls for the Girls

A hat for Jimmy

And one For Ross

A Heart Shawl in Memory of my son Joe


  1. I bet there is a lot of lingo and abbreviations in your world. Was it "easy" to learn them when you started crocheting and knitting? I do like all your FO's that you featured here.


    1. Thanks, Betty. If I came across an acronym and didn't know what it stood for, I would google it and always found the meaning.

  2. Nice FOs. I'm rather fond of the term tink.

    I think there's a middle ground, too, with learning to knit. I put the needles down for several years after initially learning. I learned when I was 16, knit a bit through high school, but by college it was a sporadic thing. Then, about five years after graduating from college, I got the idea to knit gifts for Christmas. I haven't put the needles down since.

    1. Knitting has many benefits. And it sounds like your loved ones are benefiting from your craftiness.