Saturday, April 21, 2018

A to Z Challenge -The Letter S - Shopping

I am participating in the “April Blogging From A to Z Challenge” for 2018.  Except for Sundays, but starting with Sunday April 1, I will be writing a post each day in April.  Working through the alphabet, by the end of the challenge I will have posted 26 writings.  


I was excited for the last four days of this week.  Here in my part of the world, Thursday, April 19 through Sunday, April 22  is the 2018 New Jersey Wool Walk.

And to top it off, today Saturday, April 21 (besides being my favorite granddaughter’s 14th birthday) it is the first “Local Yarn Store” day.   This is sponsored by The National NeedleArts Association. 

As noted on their website:
Local Yarn Store Day is a brick-and-mortar yarn shop appreciation day created by TNNA Yarn Group. The inaugural LYS Day will take place on April 21 and is designed to show support for small businesses while bringing together a unique community of knitters, crocheters, weavers and spinners to drive awareness and celebrate the craft.

One of my favorite things in the whole wide world to do is shop at a yarn store.  I really didn’t need a special event to get me to go yarn shopping, but in some way I guess I thought of it as more of a party that I received a personal invitation to. 

Thursday was a cold rainy day.  But that didn’t deter us.  By us I mean Ross and I.   He is my patient yarn shopping companion.

We had our map.  There are 15 stores on the “Walk”.  It, by no means, should have been called a “walk”  because there weren't even two stores near enough to each other to be able to walk to.    My intention was to visit three of the shops on Thursday, one on Saturday and maybe a couple more on Sunday.

We did visit two stores on Thursday, Chelsea Yarns in Red Bank and Frame and Fiber in Point Pleasant.   I had never been to Frame and Fiber.  We had the opportunity to meet Paige, the owner.  I watch Paige’s YouTube knitting podcast called Paige TheFramer.   She is a great gal.  

Today, we went to what I consider my Local Yarn Shop, Woolbearer’s.  I’ve been shopping at Myra’s for the last 10 years.   I particularly love the yarn she hand dyes.  

I did a lot of shopping and loved every minute of it, but I think I am shopped out.  

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  1. Hari OM
    Makes the hands and fingers twitch, seeing such fine looking yarns!!! YAM xx

    1. Exactly! I am going to try to be disciplined enough to finish what I am currently working on before I cast on something new. Well, maybe ;)

  2. This must be a national thing, for there was a yarn crawl in my area, too. The LYSs around the LA area do it every year. I hear about it, but I don't hit it. Maybe one of these years.