Tuesday, April 17, 2018

A to Z Challenge -The Letter O - One Hundred and One

I am participating in the “April Blogging From A to Z Challenge” for 2018.  Except for Sundays, but starting with Sunday April 1, I will be writing a post each day in April.  Working through the alphabet, by the end of the challenge I will have posted 26 writings.  

One Hundred And One

Pauline sat in her favorite chair in front of the window.   The chair was covered in chintz.  It was a cheerful pattern with large pink blooms against a pale blue background.    
She chuckled to herself as she thought about the day she and Bob brought the chair home.
They had been married for only a short time.   Oh my, she sighed as she remembered the tiny sparsely furnished one bedroom apartment they shared.   The kitchen was small with three cupboards, an icebox, and a stove.  There was just enough room in the corner for a small dining table with a chair on either end.   
They had a second-hand sofa which filled up much of 8 x 10 living room. 
The chair had been left out by the curb.  They were out for a stroll when she spotted it.  
“Oh, Bob!”  she exclaimed.   “It’s perfect.  It’ll fit right in front of the window.”

The two of them must have been a sight, she holding one arm he the other as they lugged the chair the two blocks to their apartment.  
Over the years the chair had been covered and recovered at least a dozen times. 
This last time Donna had helped her pick out the fabric and helped her sew it.   Well, truth be known, Donna did much of the sewing. 
Pauline heard a car door slam,  bringing her back from her reverie.
She looked up and watched out the window as Donna came up the walk.  
Donna was carrying two big balloons and a cake box.  
One of the balloons had “Happy Birthday Mom” the other “One Hundred and One”.