Tuesday, April 10, 2018

A to Z Challenge -The Letter I - Why I Prefer Instagram

I am participating in the “April Blogging From A to Z Challenge” for 2018.  Except for Sundays, but starting with Sunday April 1, I will be writing a post each day in April.  Working through the alphabet, by the end of the challenge I will have posted 26 writings.  


Instagram has become my favorite social media application.  Before I became active on Instagram Facebook was my choice.    I still look at FB but I use it mainly to keep up with the family and see photos of the grandkids.

The reason I prefer Instagram is that the stories are told with photos and videos.  Of course there are many other features, such as Insta Stories, Instagram live, Insta messages.   

I have a different set of “friends” that follow me and who I follow on Instagram.   My “group” consists mainly of knitters.  

I have a public account, so anyone can follow me.  But Instagram, of course, allows me to block someone from following me.  And I have blocked quite a few people.

The people on my blocked list are mainly men.  My profile and my photo clearly indicate that I am an older woman.  My main interest is knitting, which is quite obvious from the photos I post. 

So, why, I wonder, would a man who obviously has no interest in knitting want to follow me?  

That is a question that I don’t have an answer to.   But I am very suspicious of these characters.   

Strangely, the profile photos of these men show them dressed in military uniforms.  I suppose they may feel that a uniform makes them more trustworthy. 

So aside from strange men wanting to follow me, and by the way, I have heard from other women who say they experience the same thing,  I feel Instagram inspires my creative needs.  

I like that I can tell a thousand word story with a picture.


  1. Nice to know about Instagram. It helps many people to share their pics through online...

  2. I like Instagram, too. I don't post often, but usually when I do, it's my work in progress.

    1. I post a couple of times a week. Mainly knitting related. BTW I am lyndagrace on Insta.

  3. LOL! I have had a few of those men on Facebook too! Love the picture!

    1. Hey Paula! Yeah, what’s up with those guys? :)