Thursday, June 5, 2014

The News of The Day - 82 Year Old Arrested For Shaking His Fist

June 5, 2014
8:26 AM

Waiting Yet Again
We have had a cool spring so far.  One day last week it was hot enough for us to want to turn on our air-conditioner, but the house was not cooling off.
According to the Newcomb & Co. blog, “If it’s two or more degrees warmer in your home than your thermostat setting, the air conditioner is not working.  Most of the time it should be able to maintain your home within a couple of degrees of your setting.” 
Obviously, the temperature has to be warm enough out side in order to diagnose the problem.
This morning we are waiting for the repairman to come between 8:00 and noon.
Wouldn’t you know it,  it’s a dreary, rainy, and cool day today.
But, since we haven’t received a phone call to cancel the appointment,  I assume he is on his way... in the next 3-1/2 hours that is.

In other news
I subscribe to a website which reports local news.  The Patch is an online publication which services areas all over the country.
Most of the time the headlines are sensationally outrageous.  The details of the story usually don’t meet the level of anticipation or expectations of the title.

For example here is a headline from today:

Police Charge Barnegat Food Pantry Volunteer With Harassment

What would you think this would be about?  

Even though I should know better, I took the bait and had to find out:

                Who is it about?
                What happened?
                Where did it take place?
                When did it take place?
                Why did it happen?
                How did it happen?

So here is the rest of the story:

A Barnegat man who volunteered at the Barnegat Food Pantry is facing harassment charges after police responded to a report of a disturbance at the pantry. 
Patrolman Jim Purcell arrested Thomas Taylor, 82, Barnegat at 2:09 p.m. on May 30 at the pantry on North Main Street. Another food pantry volunteer reported that Taylor became irate when she refused to give him a key to a secured area of the pantry to which he was not authorized to access, Lt. Keith Germain said. 
The pantry volunteer told police he had "yelled and cursed at her as well as shook his fist in close proximity to her," Germain said. 
The victim told police she has been subjected to this behavior by Taylor on multiple occasions in the past, he said.  
Taylor was arrested at his home and taken to police headquarters for processing. He was released on his own recognizance pending a court date, Germain said.
Posted by Patricia A. Miller (Editor) , June 04, 2014 at 11:26 PM

While I Waited 
My imagination ran wild as I delightfully pictured the whole scene.
The author answered most of my questions in the details of the story,  but not the Why.
I wondered why Thomas desperately needed that special key to the apparently highly sensitive “secured” area.  
And better yet, why did the holder of said key deny Thomas the privilege?

It has been my experience that volunteers often get carried away with their “importance”. 

9:39 AM
I hope the Air Conditioner repairman gives us good news in the next 2 hours and 21 minutes. 


  1. I hope you get good news, too. And your post title sounded like something that I would expect to find on The Onion.

    1. I did not know what “The Onion” was. So I had to google it. Now I get why you would think this article could have appeared on The Onion. But truth is stranger than fiction.

  2. We had to replace our HVAC a couple of years ago - mainly the heater part broke down but the AC didn't work that well and probably cost us way more because of it's insufficiency. EXPENSIVE. We have about 18 mos more to go, before we will have it paid off.

    1. We were expecting to hear that the unit would have to be replaced. The repairman gave it a shot of freon and it should last through another summer. We were relieved, especially when he told us what a new one would cost.

  3. I think you've posted about the Patch before. Reminds me of our tabloid here.

    1. Yes, the Patch provides me with lots of grins and giggles.

  4. This has been a really weird weather year for so many I think, but it is good that you will be getting your air conditioner up and running as I'm sure hot days are in store, though that rain looks mighty fine too!


    1. We have had our share of rain. But I still enjoy a quiet rainy day.

  5. Hope you get it fixed! It often reaches temperatures above 90 degrees here in Nashville, though, and even our brand new a/c can't keep up. I'm told our a/c is sized to cool 20 degrees below what it is outside, so if it reaches 95 and above, we aren't going to get to 72 during that time of day, no matter how much it runs.