Monday, June 2, 2014

Dr. Freakin’ Odd

June 2, 2014

7:26 A.M.

Here I am sitting in bed with the laptop.  I have a doctor’s appointment today with my gyno.  Not as bad as a dental appointment for a root canal, but a close second.
I have been going to this particular doctor for about 7 or 8 years.  He is a little odd.  By that I mean that I think he uses humor to try keep his patients relaxed and calm.  Unfortunately, for me anyway, I find his jokes to be corny, but they certainly do distract me.
One of his favorite things to say is, “Now I don’t want you freaking out about this.”
Apparently, if his patients “freak out”, that makes him “freak out”.  And, as he told me last time he doesn’t like to be “freaked out.”

I am now debating whether or not to go to Curves.  I think I will.  It may help with the nerves.

Be back later.
8:50 - 9:20
I did go to Curves.
After my “workout” selfie. 
Here I am after my workout.  As I was getting into my car three women were approaching.  One had a neck brace on.  The injured woman was going into Curves to drop off her $2.00 for the weekly Curves group NJ lottery.   I’m not sure that was such a good advertisement for Curves.

After my doctor’s appointment Ross and I went to lunch at a cute little restaurant on the water.  It’s called Panini Bay.  Nearly two years ago it got completely washed out in Super Storm Sandy.  During the renovation they had to put it high up on stilts.  You can take the stairs or the elevator to get to the entrance.

Oh, the doctor’s appointment was a pre-surgical consult.  Ross came into the office with me and had a grand old time with Dr. Odd.  Those two freakin’ jokesters.  


  1. You look nice in you selfie. I like the second. I used to see men gynos, but changed teams. :-)
    Good luck with what I hope is nothing. It looks nice there.

    1. Well I will graciously accept your compliment - about my selfie. I have had a woman gyno in the past and really did prefer that. But she dropped me when my health insurance changed.
      Thanks for the good wishes on my upcoming procedure. I’m sure it’s nothing.

  2. Good for you for going to Curves and getting a workout in. I am sort of overdue for a visit but when I do go, I do like a woman doctor :)

    I'm glad that place rebuilt after the damage from Sandy.


    1. I have managed to stay motivated about going to Curves. I know if I miss one day, it will be too easy to stop going.
      Our area is slowly coming back to life after Sandy. It certainly has kept the people who work in the construction fields very busy.

  3. I think we all hate going to the gyno. I changed to a woman a couple of years ago, and I think I like that better. But gosh, I do hate going. I am going later this month.

    Glad you went to Curves. Tomorrow I resume my walking routine with a neighbor that I connected with on my neighborhood FB page. She's more fit that I and walks faster and farther, but she's happy to slow down a little for me. I like to run more than walk, but she can't run. I run for a shorter distance that we are walking and I run a route that is flat. She likes to do hills. I feel like I can't cancel on meeting up with her, that's good for me, because I'm pretty lazy about exercise!

    Hope all turns out well with the upcoming surgery.

    1. I know what we women have to endure, huh? It’s not that easy to get an appointment with a female doctor in my area, otherwise I would probably be going to see one.
      It does help to have a walking buddy. I drag Ross along with me on my walks.
      I’m sure the surgery will go just fine. Thanks for your good wishes.