Saturday, April 27, 2013

A-Z Challenge X is for “Dude You Don’t Need Her!”

The two are inseparable.  She is the quiet one.  He is the one everyone hears.  I’m not sure how they met.  There is probably a not so exciting story about how and why they have stuck together after all of these years.

Oh, occasionally you will see him out and about without her, but it is rare.  In fact in some circles he is completely ignored, as if he didn’t exist.

You know what, I say drop her.  She’s not necessary.  She gets enough exposure on her own.

My advice to him, “Come on dude, you can do it!”

“Stand alone for once in your life!"

“You have your own voice, use it!"

This post was xtremely difficult to write.  But I imagine it was xactly the same for the rest of those who, at this point in the challenge, are trying to xamine their motives for over xercising  their writing muscles to the point of xhaustion.

I am participating in the A-Z April challenge.
Today’s letter is X for Drop the E.


  1. That would make some spellings a lot simpler.

  2. I had a tough time too. But, I was on a roll and finished up y and z and schedule
    Led them to publish automatically. I even started the reflection and then published it by mistake and had to delete it...just when I thought I was finally getting the hang of blogger.

    1. I have been writing on the fly all throughout, so I guess I will continue that until the end. I had fun with the challenge.