Thursday, April 25, 2013

A-Z April Challenge V is You Can Hear Me Now

When I first began my blog, a little over two years ago,  I had two followers.   Of course that would be me and Ross.
Each time I wrote something, Ross would eagerly read it.  I would watch his face as he read my words.
If and when I saw him react with of any sort of emotion, I would feel a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment.
My reaction would be a nodding of my head.  I would say to myself, "Yes, he gets it.  He understands.  He hears me."

Soon, Ross encouraged me to let other people in, to let other listeners hear my words. I slowly began to tell a few members of my family about my blog.  I found that it was important to me to be able to talk to them  in a way that I hadn't been able to before.   I wanted them to hear, to understand, to get me.

Little by little I started to put myself out into the blogosphere.  I joined a blogging group on Ravelry, a knitting website community.   That led me to sites such as BlogHer and Midlife Bloggers.
I found blogging events to participate in, such as this one, The A-Z April Challenge.

Writing my blog has been an important journey of self discovery.

My following has grown, not by leaps and bounds, but one by one.

I have been touched by the kindness, encouragement and support of our virtual community.

I have been brought to tears by beautiful passages written so eloquently by the many talented writers I have discovered and now follow.
You tell me stories I can relate to.  You make me giggle.  You teach me.  You show me how.

We each have a voice.  We all want to be heard.   Everyone wants to be acknowledged.

I have found my voice through writing.

I am participating in the A-Z April Challenge.
Today's letter is V for Voice.


  1. Perfect V topic. I feel the same way about participating in the blogging community. The spouse doesn't get why I do this, I don't care, I do it for me. Keep up the good work. I'm glad to have found your blog.

  2. What a very nice V post. Blogs really are wonderful creative outlets and such great places to meet great people.

    1. Thanks Jen. Writing my blog has help me through some difficult times.

  3. Yes, it's great to find others out there that are just like us.