Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A-Z April Challenge U is for Under a Sad Umbrella

I am participating in the April A-Z challenge.
Today’s letter is U.

The first word that comes to mind when I hear the letter U is umbrella.

I have written about his before, but it is such a powerful memory that the letter U immediately brings this day back so vividly.   I believe it is worth repeating.
So this is a newly written post about a haunting memory.

She was very ornery that day.   Unfortunately so was I.
It was a cold, and dreary April morning.   The drenching rain made driving nearly impossible.  The traffic was heavier than normal which added an extra 20 minutes on to our trip.
She was waiting for us and complained that we were late.  She told us that she had been sitting too long and she didn’t want to go.  She said she wasn’t feeling well and wanted to get back into her bed.
I told her she had to go.   We argued for a few minutes.   Ross was finally able to convince her to get her rain coat on.  We walked out to the car, side by side, huddled under the umbrella.  I helped her into the car. I folded up the walker and loaded it into the trunk.  She whimpered like a little child the entire way there.  My patience was waning.
We pulled into the circular drive way in front of the door.  She said she wasn’t going to get out of the car.  I told her we had to hurry because they were waiting for her.
I got the walker out of the trunk, opened her door and placed the walker in front of her.   I popped open the umbrella and guided her towards the walker.  As we again slowly, side by side, made our way towards the doors, I put my arm around her back and told her we must hurry.

As I said ,that day is one I will always remember.   It was about three weeks into her daily radiation treatments.  She had another three weeks to go.

The sad image of my mother and me under an umbrella on a cold and rainy day, will forever be etched in my memory.

My regret is that I lost my patience and understanding.

My consolation, is that I lovingly cared for her in our home during the last months of her life.

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