Saturday, December 15, 2012

My Obviously Plastic White Tree

I had a restless night and I am awake and up before the tree this morning.  The tree is on a timer and lights itself (well sorta) at 5:30.
The Tree
True to form and duly documented in my last post, I swore I wasn’t going to put up a tree this year. No,  there would most definitely NOT be a tree this year, especially not this year.
True to form, a few days ago, I started to have twinges of maybe, possibly, entertaining the idea of "putting up a tree".  But, I decided if I were to put up a tree, it would either have to be a real tree, or I would go totally artificial and buy an obviously plastic white one.
The thought of the scent of a real tree was enticing.  The thought of dropping needles and eventually having to dispose of a real tree was not.
I decided to go for the "obviously not real because it is obviously plastic" white one.

This morning, as I sit in a corner of the room, too far away to particularly notice each of the sentimental and nostalgic hand mades, I don't think of Christmas pasts.
The soft pink and pale blue lights don't frantically twinkle on this tree.  Instead, they calm me with their steadiness.
After a restless night of worries and scary dreams, I welcome the numbing chill of this obviously plastic white tree.

I have created a page for Anna's Diary.  It can be found under the Tab titled Anna's Diary.

I have posted all of the entries to date there, starting with January 1, 1929.
Wed. December 11, 1929
Home in Morning.  Brought baby to 360.  Went to card party at Washington given by St James guild.  Mrs. B, C and W and myself.  Shopped a little afterwards.
Thurs. December 12, 1929
Charlotte here to wash.  brought Junior to dentist.  While taking his nap went to St. James hospital to see Jean S. little son.  Then after supper to wake of Vincent D. 
Friday, December 13, 1929
Stayed in bed quit late.  Came in at quarter to eight from "Wake." Jean home from work.  Went to 360 for supper.  Met Flo downtown and Jean and peg after school.
Sat. December 14, 1929
Went to Arlington to see Chrysler car.  Would not meet my price.  Met Jean for lunch at Kresges.  Then met Rae at 2:30 for bridge.
Sun. December 15, 1929
Dinner at Naps.  Met Professor who just came back from abroad.  Stopped at Louisa's with picture.  Lena still stays pretty sick.  Home early.  Junior in bed.  Peg came to see Jean.

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