Sunday, September 2, 2012

At Least A Thousand Words or More

The story of our "get-a-way from the beach, to go down the road a ways to another beach" vacation, is worth at least a thousand words.  Actually, the beginning, middle and especially the end of the vacation each deserve their own post, and so they shall have it.
 But for now, I agree, these pictures are worth at least a few thousand words. 


  1. Of course I love your photographs! You know that, right?
    I love the water coming off the child in the last photo.
    the view of the bird and the foam - terrific composition. You make me want to go to the beach today - but I suspect our NorCal beaches are buried in fog today. Still good for photos but cold!

    1. Thanks, JT.
      Most of the non-locals headed out today and the island is again quiet. That kind of limits my unsuspecting subjects to the surfers and gulls. Pretty soon the traffic lights on the boulevard will turn to flashing yellow and most of the restaurants will close and put “see you in the spring” signs in their windows.
      But Sept. can be one of the nicest times to be at the beach.

  2. Awesome photos! They make me wish I could have went too.


    1. Thanks, Kathy. We had some lovely family together time.