Friday, August 24, 2012

Going On An Hour Away "Vacation"

We rented a house at the shore for a week.  Ross likes to point out, as often as he can, to anyone who cares to listen, “We live at the beach and we’re going on vacation to the beach, do you believe that?”
My response to that is that we don’t actually live at the beach.  We live near the beach.
Back to the shore house we are renting.  It is in Ocean City NJ.
The difference between where we live which (as Ross also likes to point out) is only 10 minutes from the bay beach and 20 minutes to the ocean, and where we are going to be vacationing is that when we climb to the roof top deck of the house we are renting, we can actually see the ocean.  I’m pretty sure we would not catch a whiff or a glimpse of the ocean from our home roof top deck.  Well, okay we don’t actually have a deck on our roof, but if we did... still no ocean view.
And, even though our community is considered a resort community, with two swimming pools, a club house, and a "life style”,  we are not really “down the shore”. (click on the link to find the urban definition of that phrase).

 Kohr’s Frozen Custard,
Ocean City has a boardwalk, a real typical Jersey Shore boardwalk.  Amusement rides, "win a Big Teddy here" games of chance.

Johnson’s Carmel Pop-Corn

Manco and Manco's 
The best Pizza 
In my opinion the irony here is not that we are leaving one shore community for another (which, by the way, Ocean City is only an hour away).  The irony here is that Ross and I are going on “vacation” next week.  Vacation means not having to get up in the morning, 5 or 6 days a week, to go to work.                                        

 Being on vacation means going out for a leisurely late breakfast every day, if that’s what one chooses to do, or  taking in movie on a rainy Tuesday afternoon, any rainy Tuesday afternoon, if that’s what one chooses to do.  Vacation means sitting on the front porch with a Kindle on a cool autumn afternoon.  When one is on vacation, one can stay in her pajamas all day if she chooses.  The best part of being on vacation is choosing to have dessert before dinner.
Wait a minute, that is what Ross and I have been doing for the past 10 years.
 I guess then, we can’t really call next week a vacation, now can we?
So, since I am sure I will be observing the unsuspecting,  taking pictures with my spy cam(era), and then writing about it, perhaps I should call it  "Lynda Grace An Hour Away”.

On a personal note (yes, I am being purposefully cryptic) I will definitely be trying to stay positive, (a tall order for me) stay in the moment, and leave my worry beads at home.

I have created a page for Anna's Diary.  It can be found under the Tab titled Anna's Diary.
I have posted all of the entries to date there, starting with January 1, 1929.

Here are the entries from Anna's diary from the past several days:
Sunday, August 18, 1929
Home all day.  Peg here overnight.  Left for 360 about 7:30.  Left Junior there and went to the Wake with Mother.  Stayed all night unit 7:30 in morning.  Grandpa there also.  Left him there.
Missing Days - August 19 & 20. 
[As I go through the diary, I notice that there are notations and certain passages underlined in pencil.  Before the diary was put in the estate auction, I believe a current family member went through the diary, made notes and removed pages].
Wednesday, August 21, 1929
Stayed in bed all day.  Feel very weak and tired.  Have been thinking over what the Doctor told me about my thyroid trouble.  I wonder how it will all come out.  Grandpa seemed worried.
Thursday, August 22, 1929
Still in bed resting.  Feel a little stronger today.  Back aches still.  Expect to get up for a while tomorrow.  Restless in bed.   No one to talk to but Baby and Rosalie.  Day long.
Friday, August 23, 1929
Charlotte to clean a little.  Still feel weak.  Jewel sent black evening gown from Bambs [department store] for me to wear at her Banquet.  Chiffon with long tail in back and a lace wrap with a ruffle - rhinestones.   [someone wrote WOW in pencil under this entry].
Sat. August 24, 1929
Still in bed.  Mother came over to spend afternoon.  Corinne and Ted came over.  They all had supper here.  Read a book.


  1. You know, we really live in a beachy community. We are 5 minutes to the bay beach and only 20 minutes to the ocean beaches. So, here we are going on vacation to a shore community. Okay, I admit we don't have a boardwalk in Barnegat, Doc's Oyster House will only be minutes away along with Smitty's and The Breakfast PLace ("around back") in Somers Point and we can't get "baked tomato soup" anywhere in the world except at "The Varsity" in OB. And yes, Lynda, OB is just an hour away.

  2. But you will be able to smell and maybe hear the ocean here! That is huge!

  3. I'm so with you here, Lynda. We live about 8 miles from the ocean (but a 25 minute drive) - I, however, will always choose going to the ocean for vacation over just about anything else (although I have already made reservations for next April in Yosemite -- RR and I will celebrate 30 years of wedded bliss and that place is a holy place if ever there was one - we went there on our honeymoon -- but I digress). To stay very near the ocean't edge is quite renewing. To fall asleep with the sound of the ocean as my lullaby is one of my finest pleasures. I hope your week is relaxing and refreshing. Never take those pj's off - okay, maybe if you go somewhere to eat but then put them right back on again!

  4. Nothing like the ocean. I live on the island and I love being able to sit back and relax by the water. Have fun!