Sunday, September 9, 2012

So Glad You Asked

Huh?  Oh, what did I do this weekend?  Well, after hibernating all day Friday and most of the next day, Ross tried to coax me out of the house late Saturday afternoon.   I agreed to go, but I warned him that I was not about to change out of the sweats and tee shirt that I had been wearing since bedtime, Thursday night.
So we figured we would go see what Isaac was up to.

Even at the late hour of 5:00, the skies were blue, the sun was out and it appeared to be a perfect beach day.

Ha, there he is.  The always present, extremely patient and ever hopeful fisherman
I wondered how long he had been sitting there. And what does he think about while he is sitting there?

Apparently,  the only thing he can catch is his lure and he’s even having trouble hooking that.

Time to head on home. Looks like it’s take out pizza tonight.  
The gulls aren’t ready to call it a day, though.

Hurricane Isaac was stirring up some rough surf here in Surf City.  

 Six to eight foot swells didn’t stop these guys.  

Crazy, Crazy, Crazy!

Ross was sitting on a bench at the top of the beach.  I was down by the water taking these photos.   I turned around to see what Ross was doing and he was gesturing and yelling to me.  “Are those guys alright?”  He had his phone out ready to dial 911.

We kept watching to make sure they weren’t in trouble.  We were very relieved as they finally made their way out of the water and onto shore.

It doesn't matter what time of day, day of the week, or season of the year, there is always something interesting and beautiful to see at the beach.

Today, I  showered, washed my hair and even put real clothes on.  
I promised her I would come.  

I'm so glad I did :)

I want to give a shout out to Anne.  She ran a 5k race in the Colon Cancer Alliance's Undy 5000 on Saturday in honor of Joe.  She was one of the top fund raisers.
She wrote about her experience in a touching post here.

So, what did you say you did this weekend?

I have created a page for Anna's Diary.  It can be found under the Tab titled Anna's Diary.
I have posted all of the entries to date there, starting with January 1, 1929.

Sat. September 7, 1929
Jean, Edythe and I had lunch at Kresges.  Then shopped for jewelry to wear next Saturday at banquet.  Bough tickets to see Elsie Ferguson in Scarlet Pages. [Scarlet Pages]
Sunday, September 8, 1929
Home all day.  Peg here.  Also Rosalie and Ted.  Went to 360 in the evening to leave Junior.  Jean, Ted and I drove to see cousin Louise in Silver Lake.  Lena still sick.
Monday, September 9, 1929
Jean's vacation this week and also Peggy.  Decided to stay home.  Raining out.  Flo came over after supper.  We went to Mt. Prospect.  Walked home with Flo.  Planned to go to N.Y. tomorrow.


  1. Was so jealous of those guys body surfing. They were traveling horizontally to the beach roughly 200 yards in 30 seconds (about 13.5 mph) and were out about 75 yards. It looked "iffy". Just needed to make sure.

    Bella was the best. She showed just the right amount of interest in the game in order to effectively cheer her team onto victory.

  2. The water is gorgeous. What a remarkable view!! That would be enough to coax me out of the woodwork!!


    1. Hi Kathy,
      Yes, that ocean will always get me up and out!

  3. I LOVE your weekend! I want to live where you live and take photos like you take photos - but, wait! when I get home from work tonight I am going to make a post about some of my weekend! You'll see!
    Oddly enough, I had a good one - odd b/c my time was booked for the whole thing - NO time to read or futz - but Saturday I had a great "girls' day" with my beautiful daughter - one of our rare shopping excursions to a lovely outdoor shopping area near SF - several great sales allowed us to actually purchase a few things - I am no fan or fall or winter and we usually do find a chance to replenish the closet so that at least there is something new to wear.....
    Yesterday, RR and I went down to visit Sonny Boy at his new place in the mountains just south of SF - absolutely beautiful territory - and we looked at some of the projects he is doing with the Open Space agency for which he works - it was a gorgeous day in the Bay area -
    oh, and the Giants AND the 49'er's won - people will be happy at work today :)

    1. Hi JT,
      I miss shopping with my daughter. It has been too long. She is shopping now with her daughter. You just gave me an idea. Shopping with my two best girls! I will have to make that happen.
      Giants and 49’ers? Football right? Just kidding, I know they are football teams. But I don’t relate to the obsession.
      I had a wild experience when I went to watch Bella cheer at a Pop-Warner football game. These kids are 8-10 years old. I must, must write a post about the behavior of the cheer coaches and the parent spectators.

    2. Oh oh oh -- 49er's are football - These Giants are baseball - SF Giants - both home teams won on Sunday. Truth is, I dont' really care and I don't really follow it - It just helps to know what is going on b/c the kids and lots of the staff follow that stuff. So RR tells me the highlights and I walk in on Monday and high five half the kids AS IF I care!

  4. Not too bad of waves from Issac. It's good the hurricane was nothing compared to Katrina.

    1. You are right, Adam! Isaac was Katrina’s baby brother.

  5. Beautiful pictures. Just curious what kind of camera you used? I'm visiting from Nablomopo
    We went to a barbecue-indoors because of the rain but we still had fun.


    My latest post:

    1. Hi Estelle,
      Thanks for stopping by. My camera is a Canon Powershot SX40HS. I love it. My favorite feature is the 35X Optical zoom.

  6. I was a referee for three soccer games on Saturday and an umpire for one softball game Sunday. It's good to know that I can still do these things at my age.
    Of course, this morning, I could hardly walk.
    What you did looks SOOOOOO much better.

    1. Wow you had a busy weekend. I have to agree, I would choose spending time at the beach over coaching three soccer games and a softball game.
      But I would feel quite respectable if I could manage the stamina to coach even one game. Good for you!

  7. Love the pictures as always and glad you had a nice weekend, Lynda. I think I spent that particular weekend sitting around...;)