Friday, August 17, 2012

Stealth and Shadows

Yesterday, August 16, 2012, would have been Joe and Anne's 4th wedding anniversary.  It was a tough and very emotional day for me as I thought about what could have and should have been for them.
Anne reflects on that day in the beautiful post she wrote here.
On days like yesterday I need to escape out of the confines of inside walls.  On days like yesterday I need to be quiet.    On days like yesterday I need to be invisible.
In order to try to calm the loud constant chatter in my brain, I grabbed my Canon and headed for the water.
My Canon has taught me to pay attention to what is around me and I have learned that there are always, always, interesting things to see and perfect moments to capture.
The first sight I saw as I crossed over the bridge and onto the island, was a tent city.  The  arrow on the "Big Flea Market Today" sign directed me to turn right, "HERE".
The market was set up in the public boat launch parking lot next to the bay.
I took the boardwalk path away from the market and settled onto the first bench at the water's edge. The day was spectacular.  The sky was blue and cloudless.  The water was gentle yet moving.  Off in the distance, coming from the direction of the flea market, I could hear the faint sounds of the Beach Boys singing about "Surf City*, here we come." (These pictures were taken in Ship Bottom on Long Beach Island New Jersey.  Surf City just happens to be the next town over.)
Lucky me, I got a front row seat for the non stop entertainment which I knew was soon to begin.


First up, came the obligatory dog walkers.
"Stay on the grass", she told them. 

He said "Good afternoon" to me. As it was only 9:00 a.m.,  I replied with a good morning.  He muttered something about never knowing what time it is around here when you are on vacation.

I love the umbrella hat.

As I took in the view from my bench, I spotted what very well may be Emerald City way, way across the bay.  

These guys had to be seasoned and experienced. It looked like that cooler was well stocked with chicken backs and/or  beer. Apparently they came well prepared to spend a couple of hours tossing their cages over the rail as they joined the others on the crabbing pier. 
My attention was drawn to my left as I heard loud chirping sounds.  

 I wondered what the topic of the day was.   It appeared that most were right wingers.

The show continued out on the water, at times silently gliding by and at other times with attention grabbing speed. 

As I looked out across the bay, the colorful towels and the bright yellow kayak grabbed my attention and I zoomed in for a closer look. 
This little hut stimulated my imagination.  I do believe that pink chair is waiting just for me.  And check out the stairs. Why wherever do they lead?   

The sign clearly says No Swimming or Diving. What about Netting Fishing?

I became more and more interested in the sites and sounds around me as I calmly stayed focused and in the moment.   
Bush Birds

Butterfly Incognito

Peppermint Pretty

Sea Creature One

Sea Creature Two
When I am out and about with my camera, taking pictures of unsuspecting victims, I somehow fool myself into thinking that I am stealthily snapping away unnoticed by those passing by. 

Just a shadow on a bench

I took his picture because I wondered what he was looking at.

As he walked by, I pointed the camera as if I was taking a photo of something in the distance.

Guess I wasn't so sneaky after all!

I spent over an hour watching, listening and just breathing it all in.  As I stood up and turned to pick up my tea mug, I noticed the inscription on the bronze plaque which was attached to the back of the bench. 

 How appropriate and meaningful that this would be the bench I chose to sit on this day. 

I have created a page for Anna's Diary.  It can be found under the Tab titled Anna's Diary.
I have posted all of the entries to date there, starting with January 1, 1929.

Here are the past days from Anna's diary:
Monday August 12, 1929
Home all morning.  Went to see Louise after lunch with Junior.  Then went to see Grace and Baby Marion.  Home for supper.  Flo, Peg, Jean and I to Rialto.[movie theater]  Rose here.
Tues. August 13, 1929
Helen Carr phoned about riding to her sister's country home in Chester tomorrow.  Went down town. Met Jewel and Edythe.  E. is to go see Mr. Lowrne tonight with Clarence.
Wed. August 14, 1929
Left at ten to go pick Helen Carr.  Lovely trip.  Baby with us.  Went to Hackettstown first for lunch, then Flo drove with us to Chester.  Left H there and rode back with Flo.
Thurs. August 15, 1929
Stayed with Flo all night.  Baby is having a lovely day with little Josephine.  Jen is sick in bed.  Left late in afternoon to come home.  Found a letter from Elsie.
Friday August 16, 1929
Bill is at Plattsburg Training Camp for month of August.  We miss the kid at home but all get lovely letters from him.  Phoned Mary.  Cousin Joe L. passed away today.
Sat. August 17, 1929
Went to see Joe.  Broke down with Angie.  They take his passing away very hard.  So young.  Only thirty.  Saw Grandpa there.  Stayed until four in afternoon.  Jean bought Peach transparent velvet gown.


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  3. Lovelyday,andthepictures are beautiful as usual. And just wanted to let you know, I've nominated your blog for a lovely blog award!

  4. I love it when you go out and about with your camera, Lynda. I love to see what you see - right - wingers and all! and, yes, you make me want to come and see New Jersey!

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  7. Thank you for reminding me to take some time to go out with my camera and live in the moment.

  8. I am sorry there is so much to be distracted from, but happy that there are such lovely distractions. Wonderful photos as always. I love coming here because it's like going to the ocean from my desk chair. (Which is the only going to the ocean I can afford at the moment.)