Monday, April 4, 2011

Today, Joe Cool, Today....

Joe is a quiet, gentle and shy man.  I completely get the shy part.  People who are shy rely heavily on facial expressions and body language to communicate.  So when I see Joe shrug his shoulders, or see his lips purse, or his face turn red, I nod my head and almost telepathically  say, "yes, I understand".

Well, I should say, that was the Joe we all knew 14 months ago.  Joe has changed quite a bit during this time.  He smiles a lot more, initiates conversations and even cracks jokes, sometimes at his own expense.
There is a certain calm and peacefulness about him.

In January of 2010, Joe and Anne found out they were pregnant.  In October of the same year, Anne gave birth to a beautiful baby boy.

Joe took to the father role immediately.  He changes diapers and takes turns with the middle of the night feedings.

When I baby sit, Joe will take his son from me to say good-bye before he leaves.  The first thing he does when he comes home, is pick the baby up to kiss him and say hello.  He seems to treasure every minute with him and misses any time away from him. 

Two days after Joe and Anne found out they were pregnant,  Joe was diagnosed with stage IV colon caner.

Except for his every other Wednesday Chemo treatment, he continues to go to work everyday.  He does not look like he has cancer.   As I write this, trying to hold back the tears,  I still cannot accept that he does.

Today is my son Joe's 36th birthday.   I always buy Joe a Peanuts Snoopy character "Joe Cool" theme birthday card.  Sometimes I can't find them when I want them.  I found two yesterday and bought them both.  I thought, I will give him one this year and I'll save one for next year.....and then I thought....and then I pushed that thought out of my mind.

I write this blog so that I can express those thoughts here.  And then when I visit Joe today, I can smile and wish him the best happy birthday ever and not think about anything but today.

I knit because the repetition of a pattern: knit 9, purl 1, knit 9, purl 1 keeps me focused and in the moment.

Joe and Anne named their son Domani Joseph.   Translated from Italian it means Tomorrow Joseph.

I am very happy to celebrate Joe's 36th birthday Today, very happy.