Monday, April 11, 2011

When is Done Done?

I have two projects in progress.  I am at the  “Am I ever going to finish this?” point and 
 the “I never want to see Country Rose, Light Sage or Cornmeal" ever again stage.
 The first is my first attempt at something lacy LGG's Undulated Lacy Rib Scarf

I started it about a month ago.   I just finished my second skein and thought, okay 45" is long enough, isn't it?  I simply think that I have been knitting it long enough already.   But then my better judgement got the better of me. So I logically and sensibly have decided that I should use that third skein I have and wind up with a finished scarf that I can wrap around twice and actually wear.

My second project is   LGG's Textured Triangle Stack Afghan

This was supposed to be my soon to be 7 year old grand daughter's college dorm room afghan.  But since I don't know how tall she will grow, I have decided that very soon now, very soon, it will be the perfect size for a throw for my sofa.  I'll work on her dorm room afghan after she grows to her full potential. :).

I am itching to start something new.  Something I can actually finish in a few days, maybe a dish cloth or one sock.  I must say, though, I am disciplined enough that I will not start anything new until the scarf and afghan are done.
Now done is subjective.  After all, these are my projects and I get to say what done is, right?

I am proud to say that I have a FO to brag about today.  The second book in the Igbee series was completed and published last night.  I ordered 3 copies this morning.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they will arrive in time for my Bella's birthday.

If you are interested check it out Igbee and Sumbee's Great Adventures