Saturday, April 30, 2011

Bedhead Hair, Bathrobes, and Baskets of Yarn

So for days now I have been trying to re-vamp my blog. I decided I needed a more personal heading, maybe by adding a photo.  So, Thursday I decided to take some pics.

Even though I am an early riser, and am up by 6:30,  I usually lounge around in my sleep gear for a little while.

I figured since we live in an older, quasi active, adult community most people wouldn't be getting active until after Regis and Kelly.   And even though we live on the main drag in our community, I thought, hey I am only going to be out there for a few minutes.

So armed with my basket of yarn, and a few other props, I headed outside in my bathrobe and slippers.

I got so caught up with trying to be creative with my subjects, that the time zoomed on by. I was so into my photo shoot, that I just stopped short of saying "okay hold it right there, don't anybody move, this is the shot";  completely forgetting that these were inanimate objects and weren't going to move anyway.

I'm sure if I could have stepped back and observed myself, I would have been very curious about what that lady was doing outside in her bathrobe, slippers and bedhead hair taking pictures of a basket of yarn.

So, by now the more active adults were starting to become active.  They passed by in their cars, heading for their social club meetings, ceramics, water aerobics or early morning bocce.
The walkers briskly walked by with ear buds in, pumping their arms in time to probably "Let's twist again, like we did last summer..."

Anyway the interesting thing was, no one even stopped to take a second look at me.   And then I remembered where I live and who we are in this community.  Since most of us are retired, most of us probably feel the same way: "Hey, we don't have to get dressed or comb our hair until we are good and ready."   And if we want to be silly and take pictures of yarn in a basket, go for it, just do it!

The new heading on today's blog is the result of hours of staging my props, snapping away with my Canon Power Shot, cropping the pics, and picking just the right background colors and fonts for my heading.

What do you think of the new me?  Constructive input and opinions are most welcome.
Oh, and even though I am still in my pj's, I did comb my hair before I wrote this.