Thursday, October 3, 2019

Finding Happy Pink Moments

Today is a gray day.   Which is actually nice.  Yesterday, October 2, it was sunny and 93F degrees in New Jersey.  Today we might not get out of the 60's.  Which is also, actually nice.  The air is heavy today.  That's not so nice.

The heaviness of the air makes me feel like I can't catch my breath.  I've been feeling that way a lot lately, though.  Now that I think of it, weather conditions probably have little to do with that.

Can't catch a break, can't catch my breath.

You know how when you log into Facebook for the first time that day and FB tells you that you have "On this day" memories to look at?

And you know how when you look at those memories from all the different years, you sigh and nostalgically smile and go "Aww, ahh and ooh?"

That's because most FB memories are smiley ones.   I think that's a nice FB thing.

This morning my "On This Day" FB memories went all the way back to 11 years ago.  Photos of my mother's 85th birthday party.   I sighed and smiled and oohed and ahhed.

I haven't felt like doing much of that lately.

On a day like this gray heavy air day, it sometimes helps me to reflect on moments during the day when I have been mindful of happy or peaceful feelings.

Feelings of happiness and peacefulness make me think of the color Pink. 

Here are some of what I'm calling my:

"On This Day "Pink Moments

  • Feeling exchanged-smiles love.
  • Ross hugs.  He gives the best hugs.  They make me feel safe.
  • Rushing to get ready to leave, to be on time, suddenly slowing to stillness to silently study fluttering wings on the feeder.
  • Seeing a favorite caller-ID name displayed on my phone.
  • A Balanced check book.
  • Finding all the proper fitting lids for every lid-needing container.
  • Watching, (yes watching) a dozen pair of hand knit socks dry.
  • Finding the last piece to complete the outer frame of a jig saw puzzle.
  • The peacefulness of clicking and clacking my knitting needles.
  • TV binge immersion.
  • When a headache leaves.
  • The weightlessness of climbing into bed at the end of a weighty day.

Writing helps me to recognize there is still pink in my life.

What color are your "happy moments"?  Tell me about one of them.


  1. No, actually, I don't know that about Facebook. Probably because I rarely look at my FB and also because I have posted so few things over the years that I don't have anything for them to recall. Not the way it was intended to be used, I guess ;)

    1. I was in such a hurry before, I forgot to say I like your pink moments. Like the cessation of pain. That one is definitely a favorite.

    2. I am not as active on FB as I used to be. I do appreciate a look back through the photos that I have posted. Yes, noticing it doesn't hurt anymore is definitely a fav of mine too.

  2. Pink moments! I like that! Sitting here today, feeling a bit sorry for myself, chest infection, yuk!! But, pink moments, watching 'Free Willy' film with Leo! Finishing a toe on my second sock - latest pattern hooray, surrounded by my 3 little pooches, all over my lap!! Phew they make me hot! It's windy but the colours of the autumn leaves are stunning! Enjoying the little things is good and yes get plenty of hugs!! I like hugs too!! Jan

    1. Aww, Jan, sorry you are not feeling well. Grandkids do provide the best pink moments. Your little pooches are sooo adorable. Of course they would also be a pink moment. Our trees are just starting to change too. So beautiful! Hugs to you!!

  3. I'm glad you are finding pink moments Lynda .My pink moment this week was my wonderful son James driving me to the city for my eye appointment and waiting in his car for 3 hrs to bring me home again talking about his plans for his next travel adventure. Just listening to his excitement and zest for life ,and him showing me his new photographs over a cup of coffee .My other pink moments are when both sons return from their camping trips in the mountains,together,the greetings of hugs and knowing my boys are safe back home .Pink moment when James brings my first coffee to my room each morning .When new yarn arrives ,chosing a new project .When Teddy cat jumps onto my lap and gives me an extra special cuddle .Yes we must look for the pink moments each day ,they carry us through troubled times .Lovely blog Lynda ,wishing you both many pink moments this week .x

    1. Oh, Sylvia, I am so happy for your pink moments. Your son is so talented. I do enjoy his photos.
      Of course yarn and projects must be included on the pink list. :)

  4. I think it is great that you compiled your list of pink moments! Keep them handy next to you and add to them as you remember more :) My pink moments are spending time with grandson and with rest of family :)


    1. Usually when I am not in the best of moods, working through my feelings in writing almost always brings back to a positive space. Of course, grandkids belong on the pink list!

  5. Hari OM
    "You know how when you log into Facebook"... nope. Not on the phizzog pages and am fighting that day when some silly rules makes it compulsory! (It feels like they might, so many things say that we have to check on FB.)
    That aside, I love your pinkification of your day!!! Interestingly, I have just published a poem on my 'feel good' colour - read it here. YAM xx

    1. I mostly go on Facebook to catch up with the grandkids. I hope it never becomes compulsory!
      I read your Orange! and left a comment :)

  6. What a perfect list, Lynda. What a great reminder for us all to think about our “pink” moments. Hearing my youngest grandson say “hi” to me every morning is one of mine.

    1. Thanks, Victoria! Little kids voices are the best!