Saturday, May 25, 2019

Wearable Art, Radiation and Maury Povich

A week of radiation treatments are under Ross' belt. The treatment itself only takes about 11-15 minutes. 
Ross is physically feeling okay so far with it. 
I believe the stress he and I are experiencing comes not from the actual treatment, but rather from what the treatment is hopefully curing. 

I am amused by the TV channel selections in the waiting room.  The remote is fair game.   Each day this week the TV was tuned to a different station.  It was quite an eclectic array, ranging from Cable News to Maury Povich.   By the way, "Rob by a DNA score of 99.9%, YOU ARE THE FATHER!"

I bring my knitting with me and although the waiting time is not long, I still manage to get in a few rows on whatever project I happen to bring with me.   As always, the rhythmic process of stitching with string and sticks help with the stress. 

The other day I decided to go through all of my completed knitting projects.  I have them tucked here and there in various dressers drawers or on shelves stored in decorative storage boxes. 

When they were all in one place, all together, I began to question why?  How many pairs of socks do I need?  What about all of those shawls?  Why?  Don't get me started the amount of hats, scarves and cowls.

 The more I pondered the "why" of my kitting obsession,  I began to understand the answer,

I often talk about the soothing and calming feeling that knitting produces, but there is another just as compelling reason I knit.

It also satisfies my creative need.   As I looked at all of the items,  I realized I was admiring 
individual pieces of art. 

Although most of the items I make are created using a pattern written by someone else,  I chose the colors. 
I like the way color choice brings my own individuality to a project.   

It's sort of like coloring in one of those "adult" coloring books.  The picture is drawn by someone else, but you get to choose the colors.
However,  unlike the coloring book, my art is wearable.


  1. Your art also takes a long time to make unlike coloring in a book. I started reading your entry yesterday morning before I started work. Crazy Saturdays here so it took me until this morning to finish it and write a comment :)

    Glad to hear that Ross is doing well so far with his radiation. Such a long trip you have to make for only the brief therapy, but worth it in the end.


    1. Thanks, Betty.

      Yes, it does take a long time to make when knitting. But I think that's another benefit. Take it slow and enjoy. :)

  2. Unlike the coloring books, you have something to wear when you're done. Not that I'm against coloring. I would do it if I didn't have all these knitting projects going (or not going at the moment). Glad Ross is doing well.

    1. The practicality of knitting is important to me. I do like to wear what I knit. I thought I would like the coloring books, I have a few now that I have gotten as gifts. But, I don't find them calming. Perhaps its because I want the pictures to be perfect at the end. I think I have to work on that :)

  3. YOU’RE THE FATHER!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣
    I was sooooooo thankful to have knitting with me while awaiting the birth of my first grandchild. I was literally in the waiting room all night. Along with my exhusband and his new wife, who only had bad TV to entertain them.
    I also love choosing colors for my projects. One thing I do, is as my knitting improves, I donate the older items that I’ve stopped wearing. Clears things out just a bit. 😁. Always thinking of you and Ross. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    1. Thanks Victoria!
      Being in a waiting situation with you ex and his new wife must have been an essential time to have your knitting!
      I have had my knitting with me many during many stressful waiting times.
      Yes, I too have donated lots of my knits. I like it!