Thursday, May 16, 2019

Secret Shawl Society Four

One of the knit pattern designers I love is "Helen Stewart".  Her patterns are well written with clear instructions.
I believe she has trademarked her method of pattern writing.

Included with each of her patterns is a row by row check off sheet.

It looks something like this,
When working on a complex pattern which contain many rows, with different sets of design stitches across each row, it is helpful for the knitter to have a checkoff sheet to keep track of progress and to have a place keeper for where you are in the pattern.  It's also beneficial to know how many stitches you should wind up with at the end of row.
Many designers do not do that.

Helen makes sure she keeps her customers engaged by coming out with groups of patterns a few times a year.  She encourages her followers to join in and knit a pattern together as a group.

One of her signature pattern groups is something she calls "The Secret Shawl Society". (or TSSS)  This is the fourth year for TSSS and the second time I am participating.
When you join in, you basically pre-order a set of six shawl patterns.   The patterns are released one at a time during the next six months.

The first pattern of the TSSS4 was released today.   It is called "Sea Gleam".  Here is Helen wearing hers:

I am going to start on this one today.  The yarn I have chosen is by the "indie" yarn dyer "Shirsty Cat Designs"

When the shawl is finished I will have 427 stitches on my needles.  If you are not a knitter, I'll just tell you that is a LOT of stitches!

I have one other knitting project going at the moment.  It's a pair of socks for Ross.  I have the first one done and the second one is on the needles.   I'll probably go back and forth now between the "Sea Gleam" and Ross' sock. 

Socks For Ross

Perhaps I will document my progress with a weekly status update.

Well, on with my day!


  1. That is such a pretty shawl! I can't imagine 427 stitches on a needle! All bunched up together! And the enormity of counting them. I think I might lose track along the way, LOL.

    Good luck with it and I hope you do chronicle your progress here.

    Great looking socks for Ross. For Father's Day?


    1. The shawl is pretty. I've started on it and it is most likely going to be a long term project.
      No, the socks are not a Father's Day gift. Just a gift cause he's a good guy :)

  2. That's one reason why I'm not a fan of knitting shawls. (Although, the infinity scarves have 300-something and 400-something stitches going. No wonder they're taking forever.) I'm a much bigger fan of casting on a whole bunch of stitches and slowly decreasing, so each row gets faster.

    1. I don't think about how many stitches there will be. Otherwise I would probably get very discouraged. I like infinity scarves. I must say I wear most of what I knit. I like wearing scarves and shawls.

  3. That's great. Yes, 427 stitches is lot of work.