Thursday, March 21, 2019

Old and New All Over Again

UPDATE:  In a post called "Me and Young Guy", I wrote this about my new iPad:
 "While I like my new iPad, especially when I am using it with the “Knit Companion” app, I have found that my laptop has more functionality with programs such as Blogger and iMovie".  

After struggling to write that post, (using the iPad it took me twice as long) I decided to return the iPad and exchange it for a laptop.   I chose the MacBook Air and I love it!

As I mentioned in that previous post, my 8 year old MacBook Air would not hold a charge, hence the need for a new device.

After receiving my new laptop, I began to wonder if the battery on my old laptop could be replaced.  I googled and found that I could buy a new battery for about $40.   But who would install it?  I searched on YouTube and found a video on how to change the battery on the model of laptop that I had.  It looked simple enough.
I ordered the battery on Amazon.  It came two days later complete with the tools I needed.
I followed the clear instructions of the YT video and was able to install a new battery in my old laptop.
So now Ross has a "new" laptop too. 😀


  1. hari OM

  2. Wow! Good for you! My husband wondered with his old laptop if he could get a new battery for it. Now I'll have to tell him to check into it and maybe he could and then he would have a backup one. I am so used to typing on a regular size keyboard that my fingers are too "fat" for laptops and I end up making lots of typos, so I need to replace mine, and will just go with a desktop.


    1. Yes, I am quite happy with my new laptop. I was surprised at how easy it was to change the battery on the laptop. I'm sure your husband would have no trouble. I get what you mean about "fat" fingers. It's the problem I have with my phone.

  3. Now you can return the MacBook and get the iPad again... No? I suppose that's more trouble than it's worth.

    1. Yes, I think a return would not be worth it.