Monday, January 7, 2019

Monday, Monday, The Pest Control Guy

Monday, Monday…

We waited all weekend for the exterminator to show up.  First of all, I can’t believe we have to have an exterminator at this time of the year.  It’s winter after all.  But this year, in January, by the New Jersey shore, the temperatures have hardly dipped into freezing.  We also have had a lot of rain.  I suppose that's why I have been seeing tiny ants in my bathroom.  Not many, YET!  But, to get ahead of a potential infestation, I called our Pest Control Guy.
I contacted him on Tuesday.  He said he would come on Friday.   He called me on Thursday to tell me that the weather forecast called for rain on Friday.  Apparently, there is some reason why rain is not the best condition for pest control. So he changed it to Saturday or Sunday.  I asked him to commit to one of the days.  He said it would be Sunday, in the afternoon.  I asked for a time.  He said between 11-1.
It was a beautiful day on Sunday.  As I said, sunny days have been few and far between.  Our plan was that after he finished spraying, we would do something, anything, to finally get out of the house.
By 3:30, we realized he wasn’t going to show up. Ross called.  The Guy claimed that he never said he would definitely be coming. UGH!
So the reschedule is for today.  This morning in fact, between 9-11.  It’s 8:30.  I’ll let you know.

10:30:  Yay, he showed up!
"Now if you see any ants, don't kill them.  We want them to share with their other ant friends."
Thank you, Mr. Pest Control Guy.   You're not so bad after all.

Cold but sunny, the days is ours!


  1. My biggest gripe these days is that people don't show up to do the work that you want them to do. I have reached out to various people for this or that, yard work mainly or hauling away old stuff we don't need, who advertise their business but then they don't return the call or show up when they say they are going to. I don't get it. Glad though that he showed up. Let's hope the ants all go marching down some place away from your place.


  2. I think I would have lost it and found another pest control guy. I have a similar story that goes with a certain cable company that I refuse to deal with any longer.