Wednesday, January 2, 2019

January 1 2019 - My Pledge

I pledge to you  "Year 2019”  that I will try my best to write here everyday.   Although some days may turn out to merely be an accounting of the day,  my primary goal is to create a story, a story of the year I spent in 2019.

January 1, 2019 - A mild and breezy 61℉

Among my first conscious, and groggy thoughts this morning was a feeling of wanting to do better.
You know the usual, unattainable goals, like, “I’m going to go for a walk every day, and drink more water.”
It’s already 9:00 and I haven’t walked very far.  I’ve gone from the bedroom to the kitchen for a cup of tea and then to the sofa, which is where I am now.  My “Fitbit” says that’s 317 steps.  I’m sure that’s not what I meant when I mused about daily walks. And I suppose tea shouldn’t count towards my water intake, should it?

Other thoughts were more lofty, like being more patient with and kind to others,  especially Ross.

I have goals pertaining to my obsessive hobby, which is, if you don’t know, knitting.  I will just broadly categorize it as “Mindful Knitting”.  Perhaps I will dedicate a post just to that one.

I think it has been passed down to me through DNA that New Year’s day should be a day of cleaning.
Something about starting off the year with a clean house, fresh linens, and an empty laundry basket means a fresh start.

So that’s what I did for the first part of the day.  

Ross, Aunt Dolores and I went to Wally’s on the island (Long Beach Island) for lunch.  The day was unseasonably warm.  

After lunch we went up to see the ocean.  

We got home at about 4:00 and I crashed out.  I worked on a pair of socks
while we semi-binged the Showtime show “Escape from Dannemora”.  We still have 3 episodes left.  I found it to be way too dragged out.  There are 7 episodes, that’s over 6 hours of video.  the story could have been told in 3.

So that was our day.

                                          Oh, and my final Fitbit stats:

I DID IT! I wrote something.  I’m proud of myself.


  1. Good for you to get those steps in! Sounded like a lovely first day of the new year! Hope to see you posting more often in the days to come.


    1. Hi Betty! Nice to “see” you, too. I’m going to catch up with you.

  2. Congrats on writing something. And tea totally should count. It's sodas and such that shouldn't.

    Are you knitting both socks at once? Cool.

    1. Thanks! Yes I am knitting 2 at a time. Obviously, it takes longer, but at the end I have a pair. :)