Thursday, June 2, 2016

The Story of Me and Marymae

Still in her elegant silk pajamas, every morning at 6:00, Marymae would walk all the way around her house three times, padding through the wet grass in her pink crocs.  She wore rose red lipstick and lavender blue eyeshadow.  Her snow white hair was perfectly pulled back into a neat bun at the nape of her neck.
Every morning at 6:00, I walked the dog.
Marymae and I would wave to each other as I passed by her house.
We didn't stop to speak.  In fact, there wasn't even a  shout of "hello" or a "good morning".
No, only a wave.  
It was our morning ritual, Marymae's and mine.
Marymae was new to the neighborhood.   She moved into the Hutchinson's house after Cara Hutchison ran away with George Hurley.  Tom Hutchinson, Cara's husband was so distraught that he said he couldn't bear to live in the town anymore.  That's when he sold the house to Marymae.
The day Marymae moved in, I was taking the dog for his afternoon walk and I stopped to introduce myself.
You know we had the usual new neighbor chat.
I said, "Welcome to the neighborhood, if you need anything, I live three doors down."
Now that I think of it, I don't recall Marymae saying anything.   She smiled, nodded and then waved to me as she got on with her move.
Marymae became the talk of the neighborhood.   No one in our Tuesday morning coffee klatch knew anything about her.
Junie, who lives right across the street from her,  knocked on her door a few days after Marymae moved in.
"I asked her to join us on Tuesdays, but she never responded," said Junie.
Junie told us that Marymae smiled and nodded as she took the basket of muffins Junie had baked.
"She didn't even invite me in," Junie said.  
Junie was the one who told us about the "three times around the house" jaunt that Marymae took each morning.
"I watch her from my front window.  It's three times around the house.  Always three times," she said.
Yesterday morning, at 6:00, as I approached Marymae's house, I saw her sitting on her stoop.  She was barefoot, no pink crocs.  Her head was down, cradled in her arms.  Her hair was loose hanging down around her shaking shoulders.
I walked up to her.  "Marymae?"
She picked her head up and looked at me.  For a brief moment, I became distracted by her eyes. The rims were red, from crying.  But her eyes were the bluest I've ever seen.  I wondered why I'd never noticed that before.
"What's wrong?" I asked.
Her voice was soft,  "I am so very tired, she whispered."
She was clutching a wrinkled piece of paper.

To be continued?



  1. Yes, do continue it!!! I want to read more!


  2. When you said she never spoke, for a moment I wondered if she might be deaf. But how did they know her name if she never spoke?

    1. I was wondering if someone would ask that question. Tom Hutchinson would have had to know her name. He sold her his house.

  3. Can't wait for more!! And I love the name Marymae!