Saturday, October 3, 2015

The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow, Please!

Okay, it's been raining and blowing for two days straight.  If it were 30 degrees colder, well you know, we would be socked in with many feet of snow.

I've been recovering from a little bout of gastritis.  Details are not necessary.  Really, you don't want to know.   So, I've been taking it easy.  And after two days of no exercise, no walking and rain, rain, rain, I'm officially stir crazy.

From where I'm sitting I have a direct view of our entry door sidelights and transom windows.  I can see out to the front yard trees.  They are thick with still dark green leaves.  The branches are waving back and forth and bouncing up and down.  With each gust of the wind the leaves turn their backs desperately trying to hold on.
At times, the wind calms a little,  the foliage stills and I catch a glimpse of unrelenting sheeting rain.
The grayness makes me sad.  I pensively ponder what might have been as I desperately try to hold on. 

I have settled myself in front of the fireplace. No fire.  I have a few necessities around me. 
Rico to keep me company. He picks his head up every once in a while to whine because he's not on my lap.
My cell phone, to take photos, play Candy Crush and browse Facebook.  I rarely get phone calls on my cell.  Oh, and when I'm not doing any of those things, I listen to my latest downloaded book - "The Girl in The Spider's Web".  I just started it.  So far I like it.
My cordless home phone, in case Ross calls from the grocery store to ask, "Are you sure there is nothing else you want beside Turkey Hill Vanilla Bean (no fat, no sugar added) ice cream." (He called I told him, "No that's all I want, thanks.")
My laptop for obvious reasons, yes blogging.
My knitting, for when I get bored with electronics. I've been steadily working on my shawl and it's growing quite nicely.
Oh and there, in the corner of my ottoman, see it, it's the Franciscan Pottery, Desert Rose pattern, sandwich dish with crumbs from my no salt saltine crackers.

Ross has settled himself in front of the TV.  He's waiting for the Navy/Airforce football game to start.   He has his necessities around him.   His cell phone, to do whatever it is he does on his cell phone.   A nine-inch stack of magazines to read during commercial breaks and time outs,  and a snack of honey roasted nuts, crackers and hummus.

It's just that kind of day.


  1. Wellllll.....when the temp DOES drop those 30 degrees and you get stir crazy again and decide you'd rather be sitting poolside in mid to high 70's weather, your cousin in AZ has a spare bedroom.....................

  2. Sometimes I like to just embrace those kind of days, but today I had to be out in it a bit. It looks like another rainy day tomorrow for us. I hope to stay in and relax all day.

    1. Yes, every once in a while it is good to have an excuse to hunker down. And I shouldn't complain, really. We had a spectacular summer! Cozy in and enjoy your day!

  3. Hoping you feel better soon :) Seems like you are in a cozy place to ride out the storm; hope you see some sun soon :)


    1. Thanks, Betty. I believe the rain will at least stop by Sunday. I am itching to get out and walk!

  4. Sounds like a lovely day. Sorry you're feeling stir crazy. A good TV show and knitting is a good way to pass the day.

    1. Yes, I did manage to pass the day relaxed with knitting and TV.