Monday, November 10, 2014

The New Floor Saga Part III

We have been getting ready for our floor replacement .   The installers will move all of the furniture but they requested that we remove everything out of cabinets and off of shelves.  And we have a lot of stuff.
Since the floor is being replaced throughout most of the house, the challenge has been where to store the stuff for the next few days.  So, some of it went into the sun room, some into the spare bedroom and the rest is in the garage.
However, we did manage to accomplish a mini purge.
It’s interesting, you know, one dilemma we were faced with was what to do with old used books.   I suggested that we put them into the recycle bin.  But, then we found out that the local hospital second hand shop accepts all and any books.  I guess plenty of folks still like to read the old fashioned way.
Today, Ross dropped off five shopping bags full of hard and soft cover novels, cook and diet books, how to’s, and what not to’s.  There was a group of  vol.’s 1, 2 & 3 Harry Potter’s,  a series of Ed McBane 87th precinct detective mysteries and three big fat Ken Follett volumes.
Since my preference is to listen to downloadable audible books and Ross uses his Kindle, I suspect our book shelves will mostly now be used to hold what’s left of my pig collection, (don’t ask) photographs and a few other odds and ends.
Oh yeah, I came across these whacha-ma-call-its.
Looks like somebody around here was a big Willie Nelson Fan

The installers dropped off over sixty boxes of flooring today.  We were told that that the wood has to get acclimated to our house before the install.  I have to admit I was skeptical of this advice.  I googled it and found this info:

"Acclimating hardwoods is the process of matching the wood’s humidity and temperature to the ambient humidity and temperature of your home. Because wood expands and contracts with changes in temperature and moisture, it is important to “synchronize” the wood with the normal living conditions in your house to the greatest extent possible.
If you fail to properly acclimate hardwoods, they will likely be mismatched to the house, which could lead to two unfortunate consequences.  If the wood is at a higher relative humidity than the house, it will likely contract shortly after installation. Even though you install the boards tightly against one another, gaps will develop in the floor–as much as 3/32 of an inch per 3.25″ board. With prefinished floors this is particularly troubling because you don’t have a puttying and sanding step to allow you to fill the gaps.

I hope the new floor feels comfortable here.  
New Floor Acclimation

The install starts at 8:00 a.m. on Wednesday. 


  1. Sounds like a big project ahead! I think with our last move, hubby finally got rid of the cassette tapes we had accumulated over the years. How funny times have changed and changed so rapidly! I hope the installation goes as smoothly as it can!


    1. I think we will keep the tapes for posterity. I’ll let you know how the install goes.

  2. I would love to do some purging at my house! Good luck the floor installation.

    1. I want to do even more purging. It’s good for the soul :)

  3. I still have cassette tapes someplace too. But nothing to play them on. Also, I discovered that you can list used books to Amazon and sell them yourself. You have to set up a seller account, and they might not sell, but that's one way to get rid of some used books.

    1. Speaking of Amazon, I bet you could find a cassette tape player there also. We listened to some of our tapes. We got a real appreciation of how much better the sound quality is now on a CD or a downloadable.
      I considered selling some of the books on Amazon but didn’t feel like dealing with packing and shipping.