Monday, November 17, 2014

The New Floor Saga - Finally the Finale

Four of them arrived at 8:30 on Wednesday morning.  Within minutes the house was filled with sounds of demolition.  Joined in  concert with the snap crackle of ripping wood was the bang, bang of swinging mallets prodding the old floor to just let go.
Listening to this, as I sat with my knitting in one of the four kitchen chairs, which, by the way, were now in our bedroom, I wondered how any sort of order could be restored by what seemed to me to be sheer and utter chaos.

Within in a surprisingly short amount of time, though, the old floor was up
out the door.

By the end of the day three quarters of the new floor had been installed.
Old Floor / New Floor

The four men who were doing the job were young, probably in their 20’s.  The one who answered to “the boss” spoke English, but with a definite accent.   I tried to identify the language that he was communicating in to the others.   “Portuguese,” he answered when we asked.   He told us that they were from Brazil.
I must say they worked hard, only stopping once for a short lunch break.
They came back the next day and were completely finished by 3:00.

I love our new floor.

Now onto the next project.  We are getting new carpet installed in our bedroom.  We are also getting the bedroom and master bath painted.
Today I spent the day emptying out our closets.
The plastic bins hold all of my yarn stash.  Sinful!

I can’t believe that all of this fit in my closet.  Ross and Rico can’t believe it either.
I hope this goes as smoothly as the floor did.


  1. I like your new floor.

    The other day in the local paper there was a long article on knitting. Then they showed a picture of a crochet hook. :-\

    1. Thank you for liking my floor.
      Last month the fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi (??) introduced his exclusive line of yarn for Michaels Craft store in a YouTube video. In the opening of the video he is sitting, holding a long scarf and talking about how his aunt taught him to knit. He mentions that he has knitted many sweaters. In the next scene he is shown with a crochet hook “knitting” a scarf.

  2. Floor looks great!! Worth all the work and effort for sure! Good luck with the rest of the work to be done!


    1. Yes, I am pleased with the floor. It was worth it. Thanks.

  3. Lovely floor and so quick....though it probably didn't seem like it when the hammering was going on.

    1. Thank you.
      We did go out for quite a while to get away from the noise. But, what bothered me more than the banging was the awful smell of the glue. It gave me a headache.
      I do love the end result though!

  4. Replies
    1. I second that! YAY! It’s nice to have to over and done with before the holidays.

  5. The floor looks great. It's nice when installation goes smoothly. That's what happens when you get a good crew.

    1. Thanks. It’s so true. These guys were the right crew and that made the job seem like a breeze