Friday, January 10, 2014

Dear Kenny and Tyler The Magical Italian/Hungarian Flag Color Headband/Ear-warmer Story

Kenny and Tyler’s
The New Year’s Day Visit

Dear Kenny and Tyler,
Do you remember…January 1, 2014

You seemed so comfortable here, at Grandma & Pop-pop’s house.  Why, it was if you had been here just the other day.
One of my favorite things is to peek out of my side window and see little faces expectantly looking up at the front door.
I’m sure you heard Rico’s bark as soon as you rang the bell.
After you were hugged and kissed by me and Pop-pop and then sniffed and licked by Rico, you stood there for a second with quizzical looks on your faces.
Even though it had been a while since you visited, I could tell that you were wondering if the toys were still here.
Well, when you were here the last time, the toys were in a chest out in the sun room.  But I moved all of the goodies into the spare room closet.
I asked,  “Do you guys remember the toys?”  You both nodded yes.
I’m not sure what there is about toys at grandma’s house.  Oh sure, there usually is a new toy to be discovered.   Many of the toys, though,  have been here since Bella was a baby.  That would be over nine years ago.  But,  you seem to be drawn to the old standbys.
Perhaps, since there have been so many changes in your young lives, it is the familiarity and consistency of the toys in grandma’s closet that is comforting for you.
The first thing you grabbed was the Mr. Potato Head set.  Kenny, you especially, always loved to play with this set.  It was called Spud Buds.  Included in the set was a Mr. Potato Head,  Rootie Carrot, and Pop Corn.

While Kenny was busy studying which parts go with what character, Ty, you wanted to play with the Three Little Pigs story play set by iPlay.  Remember how the doors would always fall off and then you would have to ask me to fix them.  But, I guess that was part of the play.

You and the toys slowly made their way into the living room.   Pop-pop taught you how to play checkers.  It was the both of you versus Pop-pop.  I’m pretty sure you won.

After a while, we decided to go out for lunch.  We went to a place on LBI called Kubels.  It’s a restaurant across from the bay on LBI in Barnegat Light.

We sat by the fireplace.  You shared a gigantic cheese burger and fries, with chocolate milk to drink.  While we were waiting for our food, Pop-pop did the “dancing forks” routine.  I don’t know why but that always makes kids giggle.  You thought it was pretty funny.  You kept asking Pop-pop to do it over and over again. 
After lunch we went to the public beach in LoveLadies. 

  It was cold, but you didn’t seem to mind.  Remember the dog? 

Kenny you were so excited when you found that sea shell.

Kenny you wanted to ride in our car for the trip back home.
That’s what the fresh cold beach air will do.

It wasn’t too long after we got home that it was time for a shower, pajamas and bed.   Ty, you wanted to take a bath in the big tub, bubbles and all.

Before you went into bed, I asked you if you wanted to hear a story.  Ty, you said yes right away.  Kenny you said no.  Ty, you came over to me.  Kenny you wouldn’t, but you made sure you were within hearing distance.  I kind of figured you really did want to hear the story.
During the two days you were here, I knitted head band ear warmers for each of you.  They were just like the one I made for your dad, with the Italian/Hungarian flag colors, remember?

The story I told you was about these two little boys who wore magical head bands. Whenever the little boys would put the head bands on, they could close their eyes and wish themselves anywhere in the world that they wanted to go.   Here and there, at times while I was telling the story,  I would ask a question.  Kenny,  I would hear your little voice from the other side of the room pipe in and answer.   It was so cute.
At the end of my story you magically wished yourself back home, to be with your Dad.

You, and Daddy slept in my spare room.  Kenny you slept on the futon with your Dad.  Tyler you had the other bed all to yourself.

One of the sweetest moment is first thing in the morning, when little sleepy people wander out of their room, still warm and cuddly.

I want you both to know that these days were the best way in a long time that I have started off a new year.

I will always treasure this visit, because it truly was magical.



  1. I think you captured exactly how every grandmother feels about her grandkids. I have similar beach pictures of my granddaughters from their summer visits to my house. Some of my favorite memories are of sleepy little girls crawling into bed with me early in the morning for a cuddle. They didn't stay in cuddle mode very long. Soon they would be saying, "Nana, it's morning time." I agree that time with grandchildren is the best way to start a new year. Happy New YEar!

  2. The relationship between grandparents and grandkids are unique and special. Hearing “It’s morning time” clearly means, come on Grandma, lets get this day started.