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Christmas Time 2013: The Rest of The Story - Part I: Fredericksburg VA

Christmas Time 2013
The Rest of The Story
Part I

December 27
Trip Home From Richmond Virginia

We decided to stop to see Johanna and Steve.  They live in Spotsylvania, Virginia.  The town center of Fredericksburg is only a few miles from their house.

On the way, we drove through the historical Civil War Chancellorsville battleground parks.  Ross is a history buff.  He was pretty excited about that.

Johanna and Steve live on about 12 acres.  The road to get to up to their house is more like private rustic pathway which winds through the woods.

As we walked up to the steps of the front porch, it was so still and quiet, I could almost feel the hush.
That is until we rang the doorbell. We were greeted by the chorus of the pack.  They have five dogs of varying sizes and breeds.  Gracie, Sadie,Maggie, Heide,(or lil one)and the one boy Mylo.

Johanna & Steve’s Backyard
We sat and visited for a while then we went outside to see the back of the property and to visit the two ladies who live in the coop.

Taken From the Front of The Property

Whenever we are visiting a new area, I always look for local yarn shops.  It just so happens that Fredericksburg has a nice one.  It’s called Old Town Yarnery.  From their website:

"Old Town Yarnery, located in the historic center of Fredericksburg, Virginia, is a full service yarn shop  displaying a wide range of fibers, colors, and textures. In addition to yarns, we offer knitting needles, notions, and classes. " 
  The shop has an ample and truly nice selection of quality natural fibers. I liked one of the sample scarves on display.  It’s called “Nottingham" and it was designed by Alex Capshaw-Taylor.  The pattern can be found on her website. “Worldknit & Handspun.  I bought three skeins of Cascade Eco Highland Duo in shades of brown.  It’ll be added to my stash and hopefully “Nottingham” will be one of my first projects of the new year.

  After lunch at  a local burger joint, called “Vivify Burger Lounge”, we began our homeward bound trip. 

Me and My Sissy

Tomorrow: Bella’s Visit

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