Monday, September 2, 2013

Just Waiting on Jax

September 1, 2013
7:00 p.m.

Even though I am sure there will still be plenty of warm weather during the next few weeks,  the start of  September means an end to the summer season, especially here at the shore.  For those of us who live here year round, though, it is the start of the quiet season with plenty more opportunities to spend spectacular days on an almost deserted beach. 

Vacationers spending time at the shore this year have not had the best weather.  There were more days that it was "too hot", or "too wet", and not enough days that were "just right", Goldilocks. 

We did manage to squeak out a few glorious beach days.

In this beach community people carry out one of the quirkiest rituals I have ever experienced. They kick off their sandals or flip flops and leave them strewn at the top of the beach. They then proceed to their favored spot, sometimes walking a good distance, barefoot, in the hottest sand.  It's very odd.  But perhaps it's what separates the toughened locals from the tender footed weekly vacationers.

It has not been a terribly eventful summer for us and honestly, that's okay with me.

In July, we took a boat ride from the tail end of New Jersey.

 Last week we  took a car ride to the highest point in New Jersey.

I breakfasted with an old friend and we had lunch with a favorite cousin.
 I had a tear filled and so emotional visit with my long ago lost brother.  I am still haunted by that visit.

September also means we are on immediate any day now baby watch, impatiently waiting for our new little guy to make his grand entrance.

I continue to struggle with the difficult daily sadness of missing Joe.   My attempt to find a counselor with whom I feel comfortable and who also participates in my insurance plan has not been successful.  I feel that having that particular type of support is crucial, but I have not had much luck with that.

In the mean time my distractions include baby knitting,

mind numbing knitting in circles,

watching the albeit mindless but still fascinating Big Brother reality TV show,

 playing Words With my Friends and trying to "Clear All The Jelly" in that stupid Candy Crush Saga game.
I hate that game!

I like to think of September as the beginning of the year.  It's a time when I choose to reflect back and look forward, all the while reminding myself that I can only be sure of the present.

A promise to myself for this new year is to write, write, and then write some more. 


  1. Oooh, what's the circle thing for? Those colors look exactly like the colors I used for a sweater I made for one of the nephews for Christmas two years ago.

    1. The circle thing is an afghan which is actually crocheted. It is a free pattern from Lion Brand Yarn called Kew Gardens Afghan.
      I believe you have to set up a free account to be able to get access to the free patterns.