Monday, July 15, 2013

What I Found in My Closet and Ruth's 103rd

Monday, July 15, 2013
It’s about sixish in the AM
I promised Carol I would be at Curves this morning.  
And a promise is a promise.

The Closet Find
An emergency re-arrangement of furniture forced me to make room in my closet for one of the pieces that needed a new home.  Okay it wasn't an emergency, but we purchased a new bed for our guest room, thus the need to re-arrange. As I was moving things around in my closet I found a small hospital bracelet on the floor behind one of the pieces I had moved.  When I saw whose name was on the bracelet, time shifted and came quietly to a halt. 
The bracelet was so small that it would only fit around my finger tips.  In my stilled mind, images of a fragile and scared little three year old boy sat eerily along side images of a fragile and brave young man fighting for his life.
I sat there on the floor in my closet for a while with the bracelet on my fingertips, turning it around and around.  
It's funny, you know, I would say that I mostly don't believe in spirits, but I felt something, an energy or strength coming from the bracelet.  This past week, prior to me finding the bracelet, I have been having a difficult time.  Perhaps in his typical quiet way, Joe was making his presence known to me.  

At Ruth’s 100th birthday party we watched as she performed the tango and salsa with her dance instructor, Silvio.  Each year since then we receive an invite to attend a birthday celebration for Ruth.  
This past Saturday it was Ruth’s 103rd.  Ross and I were among the guests hanging out under a tent on the deck.   With a theatrical wave of her hand, Ruth came out to join us, saying that she was being summoned to spread her sunshine.  As she made her way around, mingling with this one and that, she grabbed one of the poles holding up the tent and proceeded to wrap her leg around, promising us that this year’s dance would be a little more provocative.  She’s pretty amazing, that Ruth.

It's here cause it's a neat pic
Thursday, July 11, 8:36 PM


  1. It IS a neat pic!
    And I want to be Ruth - not that I ever want to be 103 years old... but were I to get there through no fault of my own, I would want that energy!
    I'm glad you found the bracelet. Joe is taking care of you :)

  2. Yeah, the only way I want to live past 100 is if I can tango or salsa at my party.
    I like to think Joe’s energy is with me.

  3. 103? Wow.

    It's in the quiet that they speak to us. If only we listen.