Tuesday, July 2, 2013

It's My Birthday - A Free Lunch in Paris

July 1, 2013
The clouds are going to win this one.
It's going to be gray and muggy.
It's My Birthday

Yes, today is my birthday.  Of all of my birthdays, and believe me I have had a lot of them, I do believe this one has been the most uneventful, uncelebrated, just another day, birthday I have ever had.

And that's okay with me, sort of.

I remember something someone told me once.  A birthday should always be special because that's the only day that is completely yours.

I suppose.

Anyway, my day was acknowledged by my Facebook friends.  I like that.
I received birthday phone call wishes from Bella and Ryan and the cutest Snoopy "You're The Best Grandma Ever" card.
Jen and Derek brought me delicious birthday cannoli.
I had FaceTime Happy Birthdays from Kenny and Ty.
And I know Domani would have wished me a Happy Day if I had been home when he called.  Darn!  My sister Johanna called to wish me a good day.
Later in the evening I had a nice conversation with Anne.

There were birthday cards in the mail from Ross and Rico.    My sister, Elaine, always remembers with a card.  She usually sends me a funny one.  You know "Mom Always Liked Me Best" kind of card.   This year it was a little more gooey. Aww.
My aunt Dolores and my cousin Ginny never forget to send a card.  Ginny always includes a note catching me up on her family news. I like that too.

J.Jill sent me a birthday card.  I guess I need something new to wear.
I'll have to go there to pick up my 10% off present.

I received a special delivery from Jimmy

Ross and I went to one of our favorite restaurants for lunch.  It's called Lefty's Tavern.  We usually sit in the bar area.  Since it was a special occasion, sort of,  I wanted to sit in the dining room this time.

I ordered my favorite sandwich, a salmon BLT, hold the bacon. I was very hungry.  We waited a long time for our food to come.  I told Ross it was taking longer because they were cooking the salmon just the way I like it. Like they always do.
Finally lunch was served.  I thought there was something odd about the sandwich.  Usually it is a mouthful.  This sandwich was quite thin.  I picked up one of the slices of bread and there was no salmon, only lettuce and tomato.  The waitress apologized.  She didn't hear me say salmon.  I mean who orders a lettuce and tomato sandwich?  Anyway I was too hungry and didn't want to wait for the salmon to be cooked.  So I ate my birthday  lettuce and tomato sandwich, hold the bacon and the salmon.  The manager took the price of the sandwich off the bill.  Who says there is no such thing as a free lunch?

As I always say, writing is an unplanned journey.  I started off this post with a little whining about my non-birthday birthday and wound up realizing that this day, which is completely mine, was very special after all because I felt very loved.

Oh yes, and Ross wanted whisk me off to Paris for the day.  At least that's what I thought he meant when he said we will do whatever you want today, it's your day.  :-)


  1. Hey! Happy Birthday! On top of everything else you seem - no surprise there- to be beating the pants off me in WWF!
    I like how you documented the day. I do see birthdays as kind of a person's own special day, a day to celebrate that person's presence (even if that person happens to be me on my own birthday). On my own birthday, I am aware of it all day but I pretend as if it does't matter but it does matter. I don't need nor even WANT any gifts. It just feels good when people acknowledge it. My family (both family of origin and family we created) are great at that sort of acknowledgement. I will hear, one way or another from all of them. Kinda cool!
    Happy belated but next year I will know!

    1. Thank you!
      I used to get more excited about my birthday than I do now. Maybe that’s because the anticipation of wondering what surprises are in store for the day has gone away. But I agree with you, acknowledgment is sweet.

  2. Happy birthday! I'm glad you had a good day. I have the same problem when I Oder a cheeseburger plain, no mayo no pixel, no tomato...and mot of the time I get the burger with no cheese. Arghhhhh!

    1. Thank you! I speak very softly and in a not so quiet restaurant, I’m sure it is hard to hear what I am ordering. But I guess an experienced waitstaff should repeat the order back to you.

  3. Happy Birthday Lynda Grace,
    It's always nice when we have a pleasant time on the day of our birth.
    Best Wishes

    1. Thank you Jen. All in all it was a nice day.

  4. Happy belated birthday--I too have a July birthday, but I have to wait until the 27th to celebrate (or not, as the case may be). ;)

  5. Hey MM, Good to hear from you. Thanks for the birthday wishes! Happy early birthday to you :)