Tuesday, May 28, 2013

His Stories Should Always Have Happy Endings

Tuesday, May 28, 2013
Ross and Rico are out for their daily walk.  It’s 7:39.

It’s gray and overcast this morning.  

Again a  little warmer than the day before.  We’re getting there, to summer I mean.  I don’t think we are going to have a spring.

 It’s supposed to rain today.  Well, a  60% chance according to the Rain Alert I received from the Weather Channel yesterday.   Yes, I signed up for rain alerts.  The WC is considerate enough to send these alerts to me a day in advance, in case, you know, I have something outdoorsy planned for the next day.

I love the warning at the bottom of the alert about venturing out in your car.

I am sitting here in bed with my laptop.  There’s quite a racket going on outside my bedroom window.  Three guys cutting our little one by one patch of green.   Such powerful blades to mow down a few blades.

I am trying to decide what my day is going to be like today. 

 It’s been exactly three weeks today since I had my gallbladder removed.  I’m kind of upset because I have been having episodes of pain ever since I had my surgery.  I am going to assume that this is just the normal process of healing.  Actually, I am hoping that I don’t ever have to see another doctor ever again.  So, I am putting off calling.  

Time to get up out of bed and start my day.  Be back later. 

Well,  “The WC” was right, it rained all day, so I never left the house.  

One of the things I look forward to is my daily phone call from Jimmy.  He always has a story or two to tell me.  Sometimes these stories are about his antics from when he was a teenager or in his early 20’s.  He was a soldier for four years and there are stories from that time in his life.  I have to say that for some of these tales, I am quite happy that he waited until now to tell me about them.   

Today, he started off by asking me which I wanted to hear first, the Bambi story, the story of the fox in the chicken coop, (or maybe it wasn’t a fox but a coyote, he wasn’t really quite sure), the red white and blue fireworks,  or the party he crashed, the one with the famous rapper, five hundred people and a police raid.  
My immediate response was, “Do they all have happy endings?”

I’m his mother.  He is having a rough time right now.  I will always listen.  And I always want his stories to have happy endings.  

I am trying to convince him to be a guest writer on my blog.   Whether he believes it or not, he has a lot to say.


  1. My husband had his gallbladder out about two years ago. For about a year after, he would experience phantom gallbladder pain (sludge from the bile ducts). It will subside and become less frequent. For awhile, though, it will probably be obnoxious.

    Also, which story did he end up telling you?

  2. That makes so much sense to me now, Renee, because the pain is the same as before I had the gallbladder out.

    Jimmy told me all of the stories, and except for the Bambi one, all had endings that were not terrible.

  3. Maybe he needs to start his own blog.

    Rain alerts? I did not know those existed.