Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Crack Weeds and Migraines

Wednesday, May 29, 2013
Ross and Rico are awake but still in bed.
It’s 6:13.

The clouds are breaking up.  I think it’s going to be a pretty great day, weather wise that is.

It’s supposed to be almost beach weather warm today.

I always am full of ambition this time of the day.   Thinking about getting some flowers to plant, pulling some weeds, and doing a little selling on eBay.  Actually, I’m already losing steam and interest about the weed pulling idea.   A phone call to Mikey D, our yard guy would require less energy and he is a lot better at pulling weeds than I am, him being the expert and all.   When he pulls weeds he actually puts them in a bucket, I kind of let them lay where they may.

I hate crack weeds!

Maybe I should just plant flowers in between, looks like a good growing spot.

Yeah, I think I’ll have Ross give Mikey D a call today.  Got to get rid of a dying dead holly bush before the DAP (Diligent (you’d think they actually got paid) Association Police) spot it.  

Poor Holly

Wonder what he wants.  

Yeah I thought that was it.

Okay my tea mug is empty and I must say my tea was perfectly perfect this morning.  Hope the rest of the day goes as well.
Be back later.
I did manage to get some eBay auctions written and put up for sale.  

Just to get out of the house for a bit we did this...




It is quite extraordinary to be the only two people on a beach for five miles in either direction.

That's what I am thinking about as I lay here nursing a migraine, waves coming in and out, in and out...


  1. NO on the migraine, yes on being the only people on the beach for five miles in either direction!
    YES for early morning - it's 4:36 here and I am summoning all enthusiasm and energy for what will surely prove to be a busy day -
    but I am truly at my finest at this hour!
    and that is an interesting ebay shop - truth is, I have maybe only once looked at anything on ebay and that was b/c my sister was showing it to me. Where do you get the items? I assume you find treasures at garage sales and such and then repost them? I liked that pretty turquoise bangle bracelet! It's funny, though. I've lost interest in wearing much jewelry. I have four or five piercings in my ears (four on one side, five on the other) and those feature very tiny sparkles and I often wear a watch (I have three or four to match my mood/outfit) and bingl! that's it. weirdo that I am....
    LOVE the beach pictures and the crack weeds got my attention!

    1. Ross and I do frequent estate sales and auctions. That’s where we get our stuff. I like to buy old jewelry, but I don’t wear much. I always wear three bracelets. I never take them off. I sea two wedding bands on my left hand ring finger. One of course is the matching one to the one Ross wears. The other one is my great-grandmother’s. I only have three piercings, two one ear on on the other. At the time I thought it was cool, but people kept telling me I was missing an earring.

  2. Sorry about the migraine. Love the beach, though. It's nice when it's deserted.