Monday, July 9, 2012

The Day I Met Pippin’s Mom

She has a Yorkie named Pippin.

This part is played by an actor who looks like the real Pippin.
I have a Maltese named Rico.

This part is played by Rico himself.

Rico and Pippin are buds.   In fact they hit it off the first time they saw each other, which was about three years ago.   Pippin goes for his walks at the same time that Ross or I walk Rico.  So, for the past three years, several times a week, Pippin’s mom and I have been regularly exchanging pleasantries while Pippin and Rico sniff and run around each other.  Pippin and Rico get bored rather quickly, so the conversation between Pippin’s mom and me is usually brief and is mostly about the weather.  
“Hot enough for you?”  "How do you like this weather?”  "Did you survive that snow storm?”  
You know, stuff like that.
Yesterday, as Pippin’s mom and I talked about how our air conditioners have been running non stop because of the unbelievably hot summer we have been having so far, Rico and Pippin started pulling to let us know that they wanted to get on with their walks.   So, Pippin’s mom and I said our usual “have a nice day” and I started to turn around to continue our walk in the opposite direction. 
But, yesterday, something out of the ordinary happened.  Pippin’s mom stopped and asked if everything was okay with me.  She commented that I looked like I had lost a lot of weight.  Normally, my inclination would have been to smile and say, “yea a little” and continue on my way.   Perhaps it was the kindness of her words or maybe it was the concerned look on her face, but this time I blurted out, “My son passed away 7 months ago and I have been having a hard time.”  She expressed how sorry she was to hear that and I felt comforted. 
She confided in me that her daughter recently suffered the loss of her husband from the evil that is cancer and I expressed that I understood.  
We talked quite a few moments more, and by the way, not once mentioning the weather.   When it was time to get going because Rico and Pippin were done being patient, we once again told each other to “have a nice day.”   
“By the way, I said,  my name is Lynda.”  She responded with, “And I am Joan.”

I have created a page for Anna's Diary.  It can be found under the Tab titled Anna's Diary.
I have posted all of the entries to date there, starting with January 1, 1929.

Here are the past four days from Anna’s diary:
Sat. July 6, 1929
Home all day long.  Put and Charlie are in Newark from Quincy Mass.  Staying at upsula.  Ted invited them over for supper.  Corinne and Peg here overnight.
Sunday, July 7, 1929
Put, Ted, Peg, Charlie, Jean and I went to Peg’s at Fort Monmouth for dinner.  Then bathing at Belmar.  Walk in Asbury. On Pier in Long Branch.  Much traffic coming home.  Left 11:30.  home 2:30.
Monday, July 8, 1929
Corinne staying with me for a few days.  Stayed home all day.  She was expecting a call from Bert but missed it by not being at home.
Tues., July 9, 1929
Corinne still here.  We were home all day as sit was extremely warm.  After supper Bert came over to see her and Put and Ted, Jean and I went to Mt Prospect. 


  1. I liked this, Lynda.  I know when I take out dogs for  a walk but especially when I take sweet Ellie, people are friendly and there are chats that might not have happened.  It can brighten up a dull day.  Ellie looks like she might fit in nicely with Rico and Pippin.

  2. I hang out at the dog park and we all exchange pleasantries there. We don't know each others names and refer to one another as "Benny's mom" or Cookies mom", etc. Yet every now and then somebody is not quite themselves and somehow us dog people are able to reach out in a non-threatening way just to give one another some comfort. I know I've been on the receiving end every now and then and it's nice. 

  3. Aww, Ellie would absolutely fit right in with Rico and Pippin.  

  4. It is funny, it’s the same in our neighborhood, we all refer to each other by our pet’s names.