Wednesday, September 14, 2011

His Daddy's Shoes

Yesterday Joe had a consultation appointment with a surgeon in New York city.   Anne went with him and  Ross and I babysat for Domani.

Domani is a happy soon to be one year old.   He makes me smile and I laugh out loud when I see him wiggle his little butt in time to the music.

Babysitting for him is a pretty easy gig.

As I was taking this next picture, my only thought was how cute and funny this was.

As I look at it now, though, I thought about how significant this picture really is.  On one level it is a just another photo of a little boy trying on his Daddy's shoes.

My hope is that Domani will not have to fill his father's shoes for many, many years to come.


  1. What a poignant post. I wondered why I didn't see you on this weeks ABC postings. We are on vacation and I am just catching up reading the forum.
    I also read the Don't Cry, Be Strong posting; Having lost my mom almost two years ago, I understand the being strong for her. I hope this doesn't sound cruel but our mom's were at the end of their lives and we wanted to make them comfortable and let them know how much we loved them and appreciated all they did for us. When our children are ill (even when they are adults) we want to take care of them so that they can live long lives and grow old with their families. Don't let anyone tell you how to take care of them. Do it in your own way. Cry, sing, cry, dance, cry, play with your grandson. Do whatever works for you. I will keep your son Joe in prayer for healing as well and you and your family.

  2. Thank you Yvonne for you supportive message.  It means a lot to me, it really does.

    Napili Beach looks wonderful!  I'm going to put it on my list of must see and dos.