Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My Aunt Sue's Favorite Blanket

One of the most heart wrenching times in life has to be trying to decide whether or not Mom and/or Dad can continue to live on their own.

My sisters and brother and I had to help my Mom make that choice a couple of years ago.

After my father passed away, my mom at 68 years old and for the first time in her life, lived alone.

The first few years were very difficult for her.   Things changed, though, once she moved into an independent senior living facility.

This was a multi-unit building which was located in the same town that my sister and I lived.  She had a cute one bedroom apartment.

There were many planned activities and it seemed like my mother participated in every one.

She was always busy going from her crochet club on Monday's (which she started and was the president of), book club on Tuesdays, Tai Chi on Wednesday, shopping via the community bus on Thursdays  and bible study on Fridays.

My mom lived there until she became ill at age 84.

After a bad fall, it was apparent to us that she could no longer live alone.  By then Ross and I had moved  about an hour away from her.   My sister, Elaine and her husband Al still lived in the area and suggested that my mom move in with them.

It was tough trying to convince her that this is what she needed to do.

One of the saddest days was the day that we emptied out her apartment.

Even after several months of living with Elaine, she would still ask where her favorite pasta pot was or she would want to know what happened to my father's old desk.

Once the doctors told us that there was nothing more they could do for her and that we should consider hospice care, my mom moved in with Ross and I.   Ross and I were both retired, we had a nice spare room and we felt very fortunate that we were in a position to provide the care she needed.

She spent the last months of her life with us.

My mom's sister, my Aunt Sue, who is also my Godmother, is now 86 years old.   She has been living with her son and his family for many years.   Actually, the house they all live in belonged to Aunt Sue and Uncle Don and is the house that my cousin grew up in.
The house was renovated and turned into a Mother/Daughter type of home.
My aunt has her own little kitchen area, a bedroom and bathroom.

Until recently, she too was very active.  She was always on the go.  About 9 months ago,  Aunt Sue suddenly started to have health issues.   The health problems have gotten progressively worse.  So much so that my cousin and his wife have made the decision to move Aunt Sue into a nursing home.

One of the things my mom would always say is, "How did I wind up here?"  I think that little sentence has so many meanings on so many different levels.

What happened to my life?  Where did the time go?  If I can't take care of myself, why am I still here?

Interestingly enough, my Aunt Sue is asking the same question.

"How did I wind up here?"

Many, many years before they would even think to ask that question, they went on a trip to Atlantic City.  My mom is in the center, my Aunt Sue is on the right in the dark suit and that is my Aunt Nancy on the left in the white suit.

I am planning to visit Aunt Sue sometime this week.  

I have been working on a gift for her and should be able to finish it up today.

I hope it will keep her warm and offer some comfort to her.

After all she has been asking "What ever happened to my favorite blanket?"


  1. That's such a sad story. I really hope your aunt likes her new blanket. :-(

  2. I think Aunt Sue will love her new blanket.   I invite you to check out this post again, I have added a sweet photo of Aunt Sue and my Mom.

  3. All, look at those cute vintage bathingsuits. =D

  4. The photograph of your mom and aunts is WONDERFUL. I'm sure your aunt will be pleased to have a NEW favorite blanket!