Monday, July 11, 2011

My Favorite Three J's

Even though there must be a reason that "J" is worth 10 points on "Words With Friends",  the 10th week of the ABC meme was an easy one for me.

I have three children, Jennifer, Joseph and James.

To have all three of my children's names start with the letter J was not planned.

Back when I was pregnant with each of my kids, ultrasounds were not standard.  Therefore, we did not know the sex of the baby until the birth.   So we picked out a boy name and a girl name for each pregnancy.

At the time of my first pregnancy, the girl name we decided on was Jennifer.
(By the way, apparently in 1972, so did a lot of other parents.  It was the most popular girl's name that year.  Sorry, Jen.)

 I pictured a little girl with big brown eyes and long brown hair.  I would call her Jenny.  When she was born, the first thing I noticed were her big brown eyes.

Jennifer was shortened to Jen, though, instead of Jenny.

Joseph was was my second child.  Originally, he was supposed to be Christopher Joseph.  But as soon as I saw his cute little face I  knew that he was a Joey.
Even though he prefers to be called Joe now, I  slip sometimes because I guess he will always be Joey to me.

James is my youngest.  We thought for sure we were having another girl.  I mean that's what the wedding ring on the string said.
According to the wives tale, you're supposed to tie your wedding ring to a string. After that, you use the string to hold the ring approximately 3 inches above your belly. If the ring swings from hip to hip (side to side) then you're having a boy. If the ring moves from head to toe (up and down) than you're having a girl.
We picked Jamie for the girl's name.   If the string was wrong, we would name our son after his father whose name did not start with a J.

Needless to say, the string was wrong and since I really did like the name Jamie,  we decided on James and used his father's name as the middle name.   Besides,  he just looked like a Jimmy.

So all three wound up with names starting with the letter J.  Even though they each have a J name, they are each unique with very different personalities and temperaments.  


  1. I think J is a tough one, but you have three lovely reasons for finding it easy.  What a very good looking family you have. 

  2. Love it!  My post was on my "J" son Jarett!  How fun!!

  3. What gorgeous children!!! I loved this J post!